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    Myself and a friend, both female and 21 have decided to do the drive from LA to Vegas from Sat 4th October to Sat 16th October covering a two week period flying from London into LA and from Vegas back to London.

    We don't have many plans set up yet and would like some advice based on a day to day plan if at all possible? All we know is that we would like to spend 3 nights in Vegas so realistically, need a 'road trip' plan from Sunday 5th October - Tuesday 14th October which is exactly 10 days.

    We have sorted car hire and insurance which came in at £200.00 each for those 10 days. Flights are £800.00 return so we have £2000.00 each to cover the remaining of the trip.

    Please advise us if possible, it will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

    Sam x

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    10 days is certainly enough time to take a great roadtrip, and you have plenty of money in your budget.

    But beyond that, everything really is up to you. Roadtrips are about doing what you want to do, going where you want to go, and seeing what you want to see. That's why we don't believe in one sized fits all, day by day itineraries.

    Of course, trips in this part of the country are extremely popular, and you can get lots of ideas from what other people have done - Here are some of our favorite threads from the region - as well as the other resources of this site. But if you want to have a great roadtrip, you need to first figure out a basic idea of what you hope to get out of the trip.

    Once you have that, we'll be more than happy to help with any questions you might have.

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    Default Goes Against the Grain

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    RoadTrips are all about the freedom to go where you want when you want and to change any plans on the fly as you decide, so giving for us to give you a "day to day plan" would be the last thing we'd want to do. That's really our first and major bit of advice. Make this trip your own.

    That said, you can make a great, relatively simple loop RoadTrip out of Las Vegas and returning to Los Angeles for your flight home by doing something like the following.Head north out of Las Vegas up I-15 and visit Zion National Park, than use UT-9/US-89/U-12 to go over to Bryce Canyon. Continue on UT-12 to UT-24 and Capitol Reef National Park. Keep going on UT-24 to I-70 east and then head south on US-191 to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. A little farther south branch off on US-163 to Monument Valley and continue on to US-160 west and US-89 south to the Grand Canyon.

    You can then either head west on I-40 and drive the largest remaining section of the old 'Mother Road' (the former US-66) from Seligman to Kingman through Peach Springs, returning to I-40/I-15 for the final run into Los Angeles with another possible stop at Mojave National Preserve; OR if you need an urban fix, you can head from the Grand Canyon down through Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona to Phoenix before taking I-10 west to Los Angeles, again with the opportunity to visit Mojave National Preserve.

    That's just one possible itinerary, and it says nothing about how long you might want to stay at any given site, or what you might like to do there. That's all up to you. But if you do decide to do something similar, something that entails visiting four or more national parks, be sure to buy an annual pass ($80) at the first park you come to.


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    Default That first day.

    If you are flying in from London, be sure to spend that first day (24 hours) in LA. It is not wise to hit the road soon after coming off a long haul flight. Jetlag is a reality, no matter how pumped up you might feel when you arrive. Get your car and start your trip after a good night's sleep in LA.


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