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    I wanted your advice on a trip that I am planning with my family this summer. After spending a few days in Las Vegas we pick up our car and want to drive to Los Angeles via the Grand Canyon and Death Valley.

    Sat 2nd Aug Pick up car, drive to Grand Canyon
    Sun 3rd Aug Stay in Grand Canyon
    Mon 4th Aug Drive to Death Valley
    Tue 5th Aug Drive to Los Angeles

    Once in LA we want to visit the main sites before heading to somewhere on the coast for a few days stay.

    I read in other posts that the north rim of the GC is less crowded, are the views there as good as in the south? If we do stay at the north rim then this will probably mean missing the Hoover dam, is this worth a detour?

    Are there any other places that you would recomend visiting as well? I had hoped to also see Sequoia National Park but this eems just too far out of the way to justify the trip, is there anywhere else the trees can be seen?

    Any advice on the LA end of the trip would be welcome as well! The overall idea is to spend about a week touring and then a week recovering!



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    Default Take your time.

    Hi Andy, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    It is quite possible to make the trip the way you have laid out. As for the South Rim vs. the North Rim, I prefer the North Rim by a long shot. If anything, some of the views particularly of the Colorado River, are more spectacular. As well as that, the North Rim is about 1000 ft higher than the South. And yes, it is not as crowded in summer, and less developed.

    You can visit Hoover Dam as a day trip from Las Vegas.
    The overall idea is to spend about a week touring and then a week recovering!
    With two weeks for your trip, why rush through the National Parks. It seems a pity that you need to schedule time to recover, when the serenity of the magnificent natural places you will be visiting will recharge all your batteries, given time.


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    Thinks for your advice about the route.

    I would love to spend longer in the NPs, but need to cater for all the family and allow time for the beach and shopping!


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    Default North rim to coast to LA ?

    Whereas just a drive through Death valley is a rewarding experience to witness the landscape, August is not a good time to plan on spending much time there as it's just too hot during the day.

    As above, you really won't feel the need to recover, it's a very relaxing affair. If you decided to go to the North rim then what I would consider is to also vist Zion NP and then towards Yosemite NP via Tonopah and Lee Vining and cross the Sierra Nevada on the spectacular Tioga Pass [CA120]. From Yosemite you could then head to San Francisco and/or Monterey and have a relaxing drive down the coast around Big Sur and then finish your trip in LA.

    Whether or not that is to much driving for you is something only you can decide, but with 14 days it's certainly possible if you spent no more than 5 or 6 days in LA and LV in total. [4 or 5 days would make the rest more relaxing. ;-) ]

    Edit] Hmm, was still typing when you replied, maybe not. [Although the NP's are something that most families enjoy together.]
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