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  1. Default Roadtrip-orlando, fl to mt. Rushmore, SD

    I'm planning a roadtrip after few days at WDW in Orlando! Destination: mt. Rushmore!
    Then i'll drive to denver to fly home(Puerto Rico)!
    Best route from orlando to SD, and places to see in between!

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    Default Best route is your preferred route.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    As there is no such thing as a generic 'best route, the 'best' route for you will be the route which takes you to see all the places you want to see along the way. So what is it that you are interested in seeing. How many days do you have for this trip?


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    Default Nothing to work with.

    As above, you really need to give us more information to get meaningful advice, we just have nothing to work with. You will need at least 3 overnight stops to travel from Orlando to Mt Rushmore and there is quite a lot more to see in the area. Have a look at a good map of the US and do a little research and when you have found some spots that interest you we will be able to help link them together.

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    The most direct route would take you through cities including Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Sioux Falls. That trip would take you at least 3.5-4 days, but as others have mentioned, shortest is not always best. Depending upon how much time you have and what sorts of things you are interested in seeing and doing, you could potentially work in just about anything in the eastern half of the US into your trip.

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    Thanks for your answers!!! I leave a saturday from orlando and i'll be on the road the whole week! I have to be in denver the monday!
    (I leave the 12 and have to be on denver on the 21)
    (Please excuse my english, i hope you understand me)!

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    Since you still haven't given any real indication on what else you might want to see or do, I think you might be best off just focusing your time on getting to South Dakota as quick as reasonably possible.

    Take 4 days getting there, on the direct route that I previously mentioned, making time for a couple short stops each day.

    That still only gives you 2-3 days to explore all the attractions of western South Dakota, including the Badlands, Custer State Park, Wind and/or Jewel Caves, Crazy Horse Monument, and of course Mount Rushmore.

    You then would need the better part of a day (7 hours) to get to Denver, so I suspect you'll need that last day just for the drive, depending upon if you need to be in Denver at the start or end of the day.

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    Our goal is to get to mt. Rushmore (my 5yo asked for it)! So i want to know what else can i see on our way!
    That's the route tha i was planning to use!!!
    Any place, like cabins pn the woods in sd?

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    Custer State Park has some cabins available.

    The link I provided earlier has lots of potential places to get a break from the road. You can also use RTA's Map Center to find more unique attractions right along your route.

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    Default Traveling With a Five-Year Old

    When RoadTripping with a young child, you have to remember that their perspective - of time, distance, and scale - is distinctly different from yours. Your child won't care much about historical sites, or even much about scenic vistas. What he/she (I'll use 'he' from now on.) will care about is having fun and playing every day - not sitting in the car for hour after hour. Michael was correct in recommending that you stop every couple of hours at a local park to just let him get some fresh air, blow off some steam, and feel like he's actually experiencing some of the country.

    If the basic route Michael laid out is what you plan to take, then some major stops, where you can spend a day or so and take a break from driving, would include St. Louis which is roughly half way between Orlando and Mount Rushmore and would make a great place to break up the drive. It has a world-class (and free!) zoo, the Gateway Arch and the ride to the top, and a Transportation Museum with lots of old cars and trains.

    In South Dakota, several state parks have cabins including Custer State Park, Angostura Recreation Area, and Rocky Point Recreation Area, which are all relatively near to Mount Rushmore.


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    Thanks for the advice!!! This will be his 3rd roadtrip!!! And he loves it!!! We want to show him that there's a lot of places beyond Disney! We're practicing in US then central/south america and we hope to see europe and even more!!!
    I'll check the places you suggest!!! Tks;)

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