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    I am planning a road trip alone from Charlotte,NC to Tempe,AZ from Jan 27th and I have to be in Tempe by Feb 3rd.

    I want to see country side on my drive so can any one guide me on my route and the places I can see and the things I have to carry on the way and as the drive is around 2000 miles.

    thanks for the help in advance.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Depending on what you mean by "see the countryside", you could possibly take any number of different routes. The shortest and most direct would simply be to follow I-40 for the bulk of your journey and just pay attention as you drive and make a few relaxing stops each day. You could get to Tempe in as little as three and a half day doing that. If you want to get off the Interstate and travel at a slower paces through some of the more interesting sections of the county, then I would suggest US-64 across southern Tennessee, the Talimena National Scenic Byway in Arkansas and Oklahoma; US-82/US-287 through the along the Texas side of the Red River Valley; and US-54/US-60 from Santa Rosa NM sown through Vaughn, the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge, and the Salt River Canyon to Tempe as possibilities that won't add too much to your total driving time.


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    Thanks for the reply.

    By Country side I mean the scenic beauty and is there a way I can drive by route 66 on the way to Tempe, and I am not interested to take I-40 as it would not be that much fun I would take the second option you suggested and what about the motels and the gas stops on the 2nd route you suggested.

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    The reality is that route 66 doesn't exist anymore, and in fact, it hasn't existed for about 30 years now, because it was largely replaced by I-40 (at least west of OK City). Basically, while you are dismissing I-40 as not much fun, it really takes you to the same places that Route 66 would have taken you, and you can still get off in towns and go through the cities that you would have seen on route 66.

    Of course, there are still various sections of the old mother road, it just take a bit of research to actually follow them, as I-40 quite literally sits right on top of many sections of where the old road was, so it involves some getting on and off the freeway to find the areas where the old road still is. You can find more info in RTA's Route 66 section.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Can you suggest what are the attractions I can cover on my way to tempe.
    And the places where I can crash for night I am planning to reach tempe by 3rd Feb.

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