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    Default Help needed for roadtrip Miami to New York

    Hi, I really could use some help and advice, even though my trip is not before either October or December 2014. We are 2 people who will travel to Miami, take a 5 day cruise and will be in the area for 5 more days. We then want to travel to Canton, Ohio and then to NY where we will be for 4 days before flying back to Denmark. We have 7 days to get from Miami-Canton-NY. The route I have in mind is: Miami to Savannah, to Asheville along the Blue Ridge Parkway, to Canton, Pittsburgh, trough Amish country and then to NY.

    1- is this possible in 7 days without sitting in the car the whole time?
    2- do you recommend another route?
    3- we like some sightseeing also, any points of interest along the way?
    4- what is the nicest/most intersting sightseeing part of the Blue Ridge Parkway?

    If you have any other suggestions about a route and things to see, they are more than welcome.
    I want to visit the NFL hall of fame, that's why the detour to Canton ;-)


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    Default Blue Ridge Parkway in December??

    Hi Eric, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip forum.

    Your plan looks quite doable. Though you may like to devote another day to the road trip, so that you will not be "sitting in the car the whole time". If your trip is to take place in December you may have to rethink the Blue Ridge Parkway. At least keep an eye on it that an early winter storm has not closed it.


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    Depending on the roads that you take on the Interstate you can go from Miami to Canton in 16 to 19 hours. Then Canton to New York City in about 8 hours. So if you get a good nights rest and left Miami with two people sharing the driving you could leave early say 6 am and you can go till 6 pm. Have a good dinner shower relax and if you left 6-7 am the next day you would be in Canton by 12-1 pm.

    Nice lunch then spend the afternoon visiting the hall of fame. If you feel that half a day will not be enough time to see the hall. You can then still get to Canton and find something fun to do that afternoon and then the next morning go spend the whole day at the hall of fame.

    Or just take 2 days to drive up from Miami.

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    Default With Stops Along the Way


    Even with two drivers, I wouldn't try to get to Canton in only two days, let alone one and a half. Not only is it farther than professional long-haul drivers would be legally able to drive (assuming your stated routing) but it would be an unnecessarily brutal drive. Better is your original plan to spend a five full days getting to New York while taking some time to see bits and pieces of the country you've come all this way to visit.

    As for things to see and do, that would depend on your interests (other than American football). But some of the things you ought to at least consider would include the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral FL, America's oldest city St. Augustine FL, the many Squares around which Savannah is built, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, New River gorge in West Virginia, Amish country in Ohio (around Millersburg), Hershey PA (chocolate), and Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

    Your routing and timing mean that the best section of the Blue Ridge Parkway for you would be from Asheville TN to Fancy Gap VA, then use I-77 up through West Virginia to Canton. That's about a 180 mile section along the Blue Ridge near the southern end of the parkway, and has a relatively good chance of being open late into the fall and early winter.


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