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    Default Planning a summer trip from Oregon to Mount Rushmore

    Wanting to make sure we see everything that should be seen in the states between Oregon and South Dakota. Along with stopping in Yellowstone. We will be trailer camping so any advice about places to stay and anything else would be great!

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    Default First a few questions.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip forum.

    How long do you have for this trip? That will have a great bearing on how much you can see. As will your starting and ending points and your specific interests. Consider Glacier NP, Mt Rushmore and surrounds, Theodore Rossevelt NP and Badlands NP, to name only the most obvious. There are however any number of smaller attractions along the way, which may interest you.

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    I am thinking up to 2 weeks. Interested in going to Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, Jackson Hole... Not sure where to even begin to make sure we take the right route to see the most things.

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    Default To start.

    The place to begin is with a good paper map and some research. You will find lots of info searching around the forums and trip planning links in the tool bars above. In the Map centre you can create your route and then search for attractions nearby. Once you have done some homework and got a few dots on the map that suit your interests we can help fill in the blanks. I would also say that seeing the most things is not always the right route, you need to balance that with having enough time to see things you enjoy the most, sometimes less is more. You should also take a different route home and create a nice loop that will allow you to see different areas. If you went as far north as Glacier and as far east as Badlands and back through Yellowstone and the Tetons you would be looking at 5 full days of driving. I would recommend at least 3 to 4 days for Yellowstone which would leave you 4 or 5 days to spend where you prefer.

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    Default Road Trip Oregon to Mount Rushmore

    We are planning a road trip for summer 2015 and are in need of ideas on things to see and do and campgrounds to camp at with our travel trailer. Also, how many days would be expectable to see everything along the way.

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    Default See above

    To see "everything" between Oregon and Mount Rushmore, you'd need years, if not decades. Obviously, that's not likely what you have available, so it comes down to what do you want to see and how much time you have.

    As far as ideas for what to see, you really need to go back to the advice you've already been given here. There are millions of possibilities for things you could see or do, but we can't really help you fill in the blanks, until you've started to create a plan yourself. Once you do that, we'll be glad to help.

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    Default It's all on good maps.

    Reinforcing what Michael said....

    Once you sit down with some good maps of the Northern States, you will find no end of things to do and see along which ever route you choose. Be careful to select only those which are of real interest.... two weeks is not a whole lot of time.


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    Default Oregon to Jackson Wyoming to Yellowstone

    Needing some help with a few details to our roadtrip that we have planned the end of June. We have already 4 nights reserved for camping at Fishing Bridge inside of Yellowstone. We would like at least 1 night spent in Jackson. What are things to see and do that we don't want to miss and make sure we plan enough time. Coming from Portland area of Oregon.

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    Default once again

    If you look up at the multiple responses you've been given since you first started planning this trip last year, you'll see a common theme.

    You keep asking, "What should I see."

    And everyone keeps responding "What are you interested in?"

    Until you start providing at least a few details about what things you want to do, and what things you've already come up with as your own "must sees," no one else is going to be in a position to give you any meaningful advice.

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    I am interested in seeing pretty much anything that is worth the stop and time to take. From short hikes under 2 miles being we have young kids, to hot springs, shows etc...

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