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    Default Road Trip New York To Miami and back

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Stijn, I live in Belgium and I'm planning a road trip with 3 other friends (21 - 26 years old) from New York to Miami and back.
    We're flying to Newark the 14th august and are heading back to Belgium the 26th august. We have rented a Chevrolet Tahoe from Avis in Newark for the trip.

    We're planning on visiting New York City in the first 3 days, because 2 of us allready have been in New York.
    After that we were thinking about heading straight to Miami, and then returning to New York in the other days.

    It this a good plan? And what should we visit on our way?

    Budget for the trip is about 14000 Dollar for the 4 of us.

    Thankyou for your answers in advance!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It is not entirely clear from your post, but I would strongly recommend waiting until you are ready to leave NYC before picking up a car. New York is a city where not only is a car not needed, having one is an expensive hassle.

    You can get from NY to Miami in 2 long days on the road, but that's if you spend 10-12 hours a day on the road each day, with no real time for anything else.

    Certainly, there is a lot more you could see and do along the way, but what you should do completely depends upon what kinds of things you are your friends are interested in. So what do you hope to get out of doing a roadtrip?

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    The car is allready been payed for. We're picking it up in Newark, drop the luggage in the hostel and then park the car just outside New York City.

    The reason why we want to travel to miami first is so we don't have to rush the remaining journey. We then have 8 days or so to get back to New York. We're even thinking about doing it in 1 time, so without long breaks to sleep, 4 drivers, 20 hours drive,...

    What we want to get out of the roadtrip is visiting some major cities, national parks, beaches,... The usual stuff. But also we're a little bit in the events industries, organizing festivals, parties,... So we want to visit things related to that as well if possible.

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    Trying to Drive from New York to Miami without stopping for sleep is extremely dangerous, no matter how many drivers you have. It simply is not possible for you to safely drive nearly 1300 miles without getting proper rest - and thinking you could get proper rest while sitting up in a car is foolish. Throw in the fact that this trip is on the busiest stretch of highway in North America, and the danger level increases even more.

    As I mentioned, the fastest you should consider doing that trip is 2 days, and even that is the very maximum we can recommend for two very long days on the road. Anything else will be putting your lives, and the lives of everyone else on the road, in danger.

    Worrying about fun and interesting stops should be a distant second concern to safety.

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    Allrigt, so it will take us 2 days of driving to miami. Leaving us 7 days to complete the drive frome Miami to New York, with sightseeing on the way.

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    Default There and back.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tripod View Post
    But also we're a little bit in the events industries, organizing festivals, parties,... So we want to visit things related to that as well if possible.
    Being in the industry, you will no doubt have access to where events take place, and when. Why not research this first, before you decide how long it will take you to get to Miami or back. You might find along the way there is an event which you would like to check out. Point is, you have 9 days to get to Miami and back. Would it matter if it turned out to be 3 down and 6 back, if you got to see the places you want to visit?


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