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    My name is Jos. Im 23 years old and i live in the netherlands.

    Im writing this message while thinking of alot of things , maybe to many.
    My life had a lot of struggles alot of downs and just a couple of ups. I want to change that iv been in america twice,
    it was sort of a dream, i have some friends in the US and i visited them , also me and a friend went exploring florida abit.
    Well to get abit more straigth to the point here, i am looking for 2 traveling companions,2 males or females i do not care.
    however i prefer abit of the same age of me. what i want to do is make a low budget life changing trip. see all the places, make sligthly a plan
    in the beginning of where to go in general but just do things as it goes, the trip is a once in a lifetime expiriance wich i would like to do with people
    i do not know yet but i do want to know during having talks and chats in the several months of preparation.
    Howlong the tripp wil last, i dont know , 1 month ? 5 months ? 9 months ? im a chef myself so cooking in general wont be the problem.

    Rigth now im just looking for 2 others intrested in sharing such an expiriance, i want to chance things in life, i got money saved up willing to use for the trip
    i really hope people understand me after being in a though situation for several years i just need to do this, but not alone and maybe with some people that
    have a difrenty vieuw on life then me.
    its a thing im planing on doing propperly and once in my life.

    there are many ways to do this trip , by bike, car , i dont really mind i just want to take the time and enjoy the moments it can all be fairly discussed.

    If you migth be intrested or just have questions , or maybe even just want to have a chat just post it below here.

    Thank you



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    Welcome to RTA!

    Just a note - you will be limited to 3 months in the US without a formal visa, which is not easy to obtain.

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    i am aware of that and think it shoulnd be a big problem tho ill figure that out

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    Default Sooner rather than later.

    Quote Originally Posted by josh180 View Post
    i am aware of that and think it shoulnd be a big problem tho ill figure that out
    It might be an idea to figure that out, before you make any more plans. When (If) you finally get it, a visa is valid for five years.


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