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  1. Default Road trip: Newbie from las vegas to san francisco

    hi! my friends and I decided to go for a road trip during winter break, we are all 4 girls and this is our first time driving from las vegas to san francisco. Here is our road trip plan

    Arrive at Las vegas and spend 2 nights in the city, drive to Grand Canyon and straight to San diego and spend the night there. Drive to LA on the other day and spend 2 nights. Drive to Big sur(Santa Barbara, Santa Monica etc.) and spend 1 night, yosemite for 1 night and drive to san francisco and spend 3 night before heading back to NYC

    Its a 11 days trip and require a lot of energy to drive, I'm not sure if this was the right decision to drive in the loops. Is there any suggestion for us about the route and place to visit? It would help us a lot Thanks!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    I hope you don't mean that you will be driving from LV to the GC then to SD in one day? That's a physical impossibility.

    To save on airfare and car rental, you need to pick ONE city and do a "loop" trip, starting and ending in the same city.

    2 things to consider - the coast between SF and LA is best driven southbound, and Yosemite will only be accessible from the west and tire chains will be required.

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    Default First part of the road trip is not possible.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To start with there is just no way to drive from Vegas to SD in a day while planning to visit the Grand canyon in between. You will need to spend a night in, or close to the GC to make the trip worthwhile, outside of the park the nearest lodgings are in Tusayan with Flagstaff and Williams offering better value rooms. You could give up a night in SF or drop Yosemite or SD from your itinerary. Yosemite is an amazing place and I would never recommend not going there but you should know that during winter even the valley can see heavy snow and you might require chains on your car to enter the park depending on conditions.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    If I am reading your plan correctly I see a huge red flag. Vegas to grand canyon to san diego is not remotely possible in a single day. That would require at least 15 hours of just driving. Seeing the canyon requires at least a half day to make it worthwhile.

    The fastest you could do something like this would be to spend one night near the canyon and then spend all of the next day driving to sd. Even that really wouldn't give you any time in san diego.

    You can make everything fit, but you have to adjust how much time you are spending in each place.

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