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    Hi! I'm new around and I'm from Puerto Rico. I have plans to move to the state of Florida, but I was planning to arrive first to California and start a Road Trip thru the southern states until I get to Florida. I would like to visit the main sites on that route, but they need to be pet friendly cause we are going to travel with our dog. So it will be great to recieve any suggestions you have for us. We also would like to visit some of our family in McAllen,Tx. and Chattanooga, TN. so a route passing both of those cities will be perfect. Also I would like to know the better place to rent a car(picking up at CA and dropping off FL), which car do you recommend, and aproximately the budget needed.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Puerto Rico to Florida, by way of California - that's quite a roundabout way to get there!

    Mind you, there is certainly nothing wrong with that, although I will warn you that one way car rentals - especially cross country - are expensive. You'll likely be looking at several hundred dollars just in one way drop fees. There is no single best car rental company, as prices will vary completely depending upon exactly when you are traveling and what cities you are starting/ending. A regular sedan will almost always give you the best value, with something in the standard/full sized usually being most comfortable.

    As far as route, that depends upon what you want to see and do. We really don't believe in "must see" or "main" sites, as that completely depends upon what you are interested in. I will warn, however, that National Parks are usually not very pet friendly, as animals are usually restricted to campsites, parking lots, and similar areas, and are not allowed on trails.

    So what is your goal for this trip, what do you want to see and do, and how much time do you have available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by noktamvulo View Post
    I would like to visit the main sites on that route, but they need to be pet friendly cause we are going to travel with our dog.
    If you are speaking of motels, the Hotel Searcher here on this Forum has a "pet friendly" filter that makes it easy to find pet friendly facilities.

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    My goal is sightseeing as much as I can. Me and me wife like to take pictures, so preferable sites where we can take lots of pictures. We don't like to do camping so we can avoid camping sites. Historical sites and famous places like the Grand Canyon are welcome. The purpose is getting to know places as much a possible. About the time, I was thinking spending 2 weeks on the road trip, and at least 1 week on FL.
    Also we may not travel with the pet.
    So it doesn't have to be pet friendly sites anymore.


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    I would suggest getting a good map of the USA and study it. Flag anything that looks interesting and see if a route starts to suggest itself. Just thinking CA (Los Angeles) to FL via a fairly southern route, I think of. However, with your 2 week travel time, you won't have time to do them all -- you'd have to pick and choose.

    Joshua Tree National Park (CA)
    Grand Canyon National Park (AZ)
    Petrified Forest NP (AZ)
    Carlsbad Caverns NP (dropping to southern NM to get you towards McAllen TX)
    Big Bend NP
    New Orleans LA
    the Gulf Coast
    and more

    As for photos -- a national park is like heaven for a photographer. Around every bend there's a new vista, a new photo waiting to be taken. My camera goes like a machine gun when I'm in a national park! Cities can be the same way, with a different photographic feel to them.

    A trip from CA to FL can take 7 days -- it's 3300 miles from LA to Miami via the way I suggested, so that leaves you a few days to stop and see things, but not much time for your family in McAllen. Adding Chattanooga, TN to the mix adds another 500 miles, which is one more day's travel day (assuming 450-500 miles per day on the highway), so you may not have time to do it all and really SEE everything.

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