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  1. Default Travel from Vancouver, BC to Irvine, CA around Christmas

    I noticed that you are an experience driver for this route.
    How are the road conditions from Vancouver, BC to Irvine, CA?
    Is it feasible to travel during Christmas time with no major weather problems/hurdles such as blizzards, heavy snow, heavy rainfall, etc...? Especially through Oregon and Washington states...
    Thank you for your feedback

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    Default yes and no

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Is it possible to travel from Vancouver to Southern California around Christmas by car? absolutely. Thousands of people make the drive all winter long.

    Is it possible that it will be perfectly clear and you will have no travel problems? yes.

    Is is possible to guarantee that you won't see any heavy snow or rain? No it is not.

    The reality is that the main highway, I-5, goes through several mountain passes that do see wintery weather, in Oregon, Northern California, and again crossing one final Mountain in Southern California just north of Los Angeles. There is no way of knowing what the weather will be on your travel days, until you can get an accurate weather forecast just before you leave.

    The best you can do is hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. As it is, this is a drive were we really would recommend at least 2.5 days on the road to make the trip safely, but plan to have at least 3, if not 4 full days available, just in case the weather turns bad.

    The other option that would significantly reduce your chance of seeing snow would be to follow the Coast, via US-101. However, this is a much slower highway than I-5, and regardless of the weather, you would need a minimum of 4 days to make the trip via the coast.

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