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    Default Phoenix-Keywest-Orlando-Raleigh-GreatSmokey-Kansas City-Phoenix

    Hi Team

    A short notice but i am starting my 18 days RV trip tomorrow from Phoenix to Keywest, FL.
    Route is
    Phoenix-Keywest-Orlando-Raleigh-Great Smokey-KansasCity -Phoenix.
    Departure 15th Dec,
    Back 31st Dec.

    I have to stop within this route, Can skip Raleigh and take Atlanta if suggested by members.
    PHX-FLORIDA-NC-Smokey-Kansas City-Phoenix.jpg

    Questions/Help/suggestions needed?

    1) My main worry is- On the way back, will the road be full of snow? (inches and inches thick), I heard east side is heavy snow fall.
    2) How to manage Great Smokey? from Orlando or from Kansas City?
    3) Can Orlando-Raleigh-Smoky route be covered in 3 days (1 night each)?
    4) on I-10 as where to stop my RV for night stay on 1st night and subsequent night in order to reach Keywest at the earliest?
    5) My RV has the propane gas but pipe filling? Are there plenty propane filling station and gas station on I-10 beyond Tucson?

    Thanks in advance
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    How to fix typo on thread heading?
    should be Phoenix instead of PHXONIX

    Also, should i upload on the journey pics on same thread or in report section?


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    Default Getting there is gonna take more than 2 nights.

    The typo is fixed. You can upload your pictures here, or on a new Roadtrip field report thread. If you are planning to share some details as well as pictures a trip report is recommended.

    1]Unfortunately there is no way of predicting the weather this far in advance and it will be what it will be, just keep an eye on the conditions as you travel.

    2] Maybe check the weather on the way out and if it's ok visit then, if not wait till you start the trip back and see if it's improved. Remember the clues in the name and mountain areas see snow. You can look at a different route each way to see new things.

    3] It's possible to cover the distance but Raliegh is nearly 600 miles from Orlando and would be an extremely long day and not an ideal midway point. You once again have to take the weather into consideration and if you get slow downs/delays you would fall short anyway.

    4] If you are planning to get to Key west in 3 days then I can tell you now that it's just not possible even with the best of conditions. It would be unsafe and if you arrived in one piece you would be to exhausted to enjoy anything for a couple of days. Driving for 15/16 hours in one day is not recommended, to try and do it 3 consecutive days is almost suicidal. You really need 4.5 days minimum. You can find truck stops on the Interstate or look for nearby towns and search RV parks, but you should'nt plan on any more than 550-600 miles a day.

    5] I would think so. [?]

    Have a wonderful and safe trip.

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    You do need to remember that your drive home will not be the only place where you have the chance of seeing severe winter weather. I-10 can and does see snow and ice, from Eastern Arizona all the way into West Texas. It doesn't get winter weather as often as some other routes, but it also takes much less snow/ice to make it a much more difficult and dangerous drive, as they are less able to deal with it and instead often take the "wait a few days for it to melt" approach. This may not be a big issue for this trip - since you are leaving so soon, and forecasts look clear for now - but keep it in mind in the future. Also note, it is still below freezing in these places, which may make for some cold and uncomfortable nights in an RV for your first night on the road.

    There should be no problem at all finding any kind of Gas or Propane fuel anywhere on your route.

    If you are at all concerned about your safety - and the safety of others on the road - then you should be looking to stop around Van Horn TX, Houston, Crestview FL, and Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach. Those drives will already push you to about the maximum you can safely drive in a day, especially when traveling in an RV.

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    Default Confused??

    Kansas City is not on the route your map shows. Am I missing something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie H View Post
    Kansas City is not on the route your map shows. Am I missing something?
    Yes, just realized that, Now as i am in middle of my trip, I am making some changes. Here is my fresh trip map at the moment. I am already hearing that there are snows in different location (Amarillo, texas etc.), thus, might need more changes as I go along.

    For rest of the story, I agree with Charlie H and Southwest Dave, From Phoenix, It takes atleast 4 days to reach Orlando (or Tampa),

    This is how I did

    No issue with weather anywhere so far.
    New Mexico was cold, fuel ($2.99 to $3:12)
    Texas was good road, fuel ($2.95 to $3:31)
    Louisiana was foggy, patchy roads but very good rest areas (including free highspeed wifi) Fuel ($2.92 to $3:29)
    Florida is hot, Costly fuel ($3.17 to $3:49)

    FLYING J are best for fuel. cleanest and cheapest. Avoid Chevron if you can
    Plan to stay in Orlando for couple of days
    Will update more,

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    Quote Originally Posted by astraclub View Post

    Plan to stay in Orlando for couple of days
    Will update more,
    I wish I were spending a couple of days in Orlando. We're headed for Iowa in the morning and it's supposed to get to 7 below Monday night.

    Have A Great Trip

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    Wow, Dec 18th seems like it would have been brutal ... 772 miles in an RV???? WOW. Glad you (and the rest of the folks on the road) are safe!


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    Reached Atlanta with no weather issue till now.
    There were few cases of heavy rains at FL/GA border but no stopover. Again Flying J is the cheapest of all.
    Talk soon

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    Default Good luck.

    Thanks for the update and I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip !

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