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    Default Friday morning driving

    I was wondering which of the following routes would be more appropriate for a planned trip. The ideal time would be a Friday morning around 5:30 am. Does anyone have any helpful advice on which route would be smarter to take?



    65 Winooski Falls Way, Winooski, VT 05404-2243


    33 Christopher Columbus Dr, Jersey City, NJ 07302-3021

    Route Details:

    I-87 S (?) 299.38 miles

    5 hrs 49 mins ˇ/ˇ 5 hrs 47 mins based on current traffic

    I-91 S 354.79 miles

    6 hrs 26 mins / 6 hrs 4 mins based on current traffic

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I can tell you that I certainly would not take the I-91 option. It adds quite a few miles, but the bigger thing is that it takes you to the wrong side of NYC, and would force you to drive through the city to get back to New Jersey. In fact, it looks like it would actually having you drive right down the west side of Manhatten to the Holland Tunnel.

    The first option looks to be a solid one, although I havent spent enough time driving through Jersey to know if thats your best bet once you get off the thruway.

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    Default The Clear Choice

    Not only is the I-87 route shorter, but it avoids going through NYC as Michael noted. If you really do leave at 5:30 AM, you could be in Jersey City around noon assuming a couple of food/gas/bathroom breaks. I would ask how you plan to get to I-87, the ferry across Lake Champlain to Fort Kent is closed for the season. The next crossing is by ferry from Charlotte to Essex. This ferry is a good half hour from Winooski and the ferries leave Charlotte every hour on the hour which means that you'd be cutting it awfully close unless you leave Winooski at least by 5:15 AM. The all road route would US-7 down to Vergennes, VT-22A down to near Fair Haven and US-4 east, and NY-148 for the last link from Fort Ann to I-87 north of Glens Falls. Note also that I-87 route is toll from Albany to Harriman.

    For the run into Jersey City, you'd switch over to the Garden State Parkway near Spring Valley and follow that south to I-80 east and the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95) south. Take exit 17 t US-1 south and NJ-129 into Jersey City. I have driven most of those freeways in northern New Jersey and they really shouldn't be too bad around noon when you'll be heading through. Just keep your eyes open and know the routes whose exit you're looking for.

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    The OP can take the bridge at crown point to cross Lake Champlain and get onto 87 farther north and not have to worry about ferry's. 22A is not a bad road though getting to I 87 a lot sooner will help him save a lot of time.

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    My mapping software concurs with Buck - US-7/VT-22A/US-4 West and NY-149. Sure, you can cross at Crown Point, but there's no real direct way from there to I-87.

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