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    Hi all,

    We were thinking about driving from Detroit to San Francisco this december - would we be crazy to consider this? We only have about five days, and are a family of five including two small kids. Would like to hear any advice from people who have done this in winter, or with kids, for that matter. We are British, so not used to winter driving at all. Is there much likelihood of storms?
    Many thanks for all advice!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Detroit to SF is 2400 miles via most direct Interstate routes - I-94 to I-80. This would be 4 solid days of just driving assuming good weather and road conditions. The likelihood of encountering storms is quite high, you won't know for sure till it's time to go. If you only have 5 days, that doesn't leave you much "cushion" and the trip will be rushed to the point where it may not be very enjoyable.

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    Default Winter in Britain, never !

    We are British, so not used to winter driving at all.
    Sorry, I just had to chuckle at this, although it could help tourism in Britain for those who think they can escape winter here. lol

    I have to agree with the above, if you are considering the trip as part of a holiday and you only have 5 days, it's not going to be a whole lot of fun, but it should be doable if the weather doesn't fight you all the way. Interstates are a priority to keep clear and open and the road crews are better equipped to keep them that way than we are here in Britain, but it's still possible you will face delays as the weather, like here, is totally unpredictable untill a couple of days in advance. Perhaps if you told us a bit more about your trip plans as a whole we could make suggestions, things like how long do you have in total, is SF a destination point or just a thought ? Perhaps flying to SF and doing a small road trip from there might be better a better option for example.

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