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  1. Default January road trip from San Diego, Ca to Jacksonville, NM..Need advice please

    We're planning to drive out January 15th from San Diego, CA. I'm a little worried about how the weather will be like at this time of year. We plan to top in Bisbee, AZ Roswell,NM Dallas, TX Nashville,TN and then ending up in North Carolina. With the weather conditions being unknown until the day of what would anyone suggest as a route? We are traveling with our two small children so we would like to be as safe as possible!!

    thank you for any advice/tips

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    Default Wait and see.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    The best thing to help keep safe is to have time in hand so that if the weather turned nasty you can sit it out and wait for a storm to pass. Travelling at this time of year has the advantage that booking lodgings in advance is not really needed, so you can decide on routes and where to stop the night when you have the latest weather and road condition info to hand a couple of days before you leave and while on the road.

    I would say that your last 2 planned stops that are 650 miles plus are to much, it's going to be close to 12 hours on the road with the minimum of rest stops for food, bathroom and mental health breaks for 2 straight days. That's really too much for young children and at this time of year you will be setting off in the dark and arriving to your destination in the dark which can add to tiredness. I would certainly have one more day put by for travel which will come in handy if you run into poor weather.

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    Thanks Dave! We are planning on stopping in between all these destinations. We are going with plenty of time so we were only planning to drive until we felt tired ( we were thinking only about 7-8 hours a day). Any advice on what the weather would be like in between and on route to all these stops??

    Thanks !!

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    The weather cannot be predicted in advance. You will have to take it a day at a time. has links to all the state's road condition reports, and and/or can help you with current weather and SHORT term forecasts. Highly recommend you bring a wifi-enabled laptop and a smartphone.

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