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    Default West to east in 22 days

    Hello everyone from Moscow, Russia :)
    Me and my friends are planning to travel by car through the USA in late April 2014. We'r planning to fly to Los-Angeles, take a car and drive to New York. We have 22 days for that :)
    My friend suggest that we take the northern route, wich will look approx like this:
    Los Angeles - San Francisco - Yosemite National Park - Las Vegas - Gran Canyon - Salt Lake City - Yellowstone National Park - Big Horn Canyon (Montana) - Minneapolis - Chicago - Detroit - Niagara Falls - New York
    It looks good, but I just wanted to create an alternate southern route.
    So, I seek your advice. Please.
    The start looks the same, but then what?
    Start: Los Angeles - San Francisco - Yosemite National Park - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon -????? - Orlando (Disneyland) - Washington DC - New York
    What can you suggest in the middle? New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana?
    Thanks a lot

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    Default Too Early for All That

    добро пожаловать! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Unfortunately, April is still winter in the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains. Parts of Yosemite National Park and all of Yellowstone National Park, for example, will still be snow-bound and closed to vehicular traffic. And there's still a good chance that you would see significant snow in areas of Montana and out on the northern Great Plains. I would second your leaning towards a more southern route.

    From Las Vegas, you could follow the route suggested here and in subsequent posts down to Austin and then on to New Orleans. After following the Gulf Coast to Orlando or Jacksonville, you could follow one of two routes north to New York. There are plenty of things to see and do along such a route and with three weeks you'd have plenty of time to explore and enjoy.

    Reading through the discussions I've noted should give you a general ideal of what's available. But if there are specific types of activities or sights that you are interested in seeing, let us know and perhaps we could help steer you some sites that you might otherwise miss.

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    Default Down the middle ?

    With 22 days and a cross country trip to look forward to, you are open to thousands of possibilities. As well as the northern and southern routes you could consider going through the middle and check out the Four corners region [made up of AZ, UT, CO, NM] which is 'rich' in National Parks and great scenery. From Colorado you could go to St Louis and/or Chicago or south through New Mexico to Memphis and Nashville, or choose from many other options..

    The best thing to do right now is search around RTA for ideas and see what interests you all. Have a big map of the USA to hand and start marking places of interest and then see how to join the dots. It's not out of the question to do a complete loop and take a more southerly route and out and a more northerly one back to LA but that would depend on how much driving you are prepared to do.

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    As you plan for your trip, I would also give you a reminder about how large the US is. Without any stops at all, except for rest, you need almost a full week to drive directly from LA to NY. If you did your first plan - which as Buck mentioned is a bit problematic because of weather issues - you wouldn't really have time to spend more than a day at any of the places you've listed, if you tried to hit them all.

    For another comparison, A trip that just includes your first list of stops (LA to the Grand Canyon) is a very popular discussion on this forum, but people typically take around 2 weeks just for that section alone.

    That's not to say at all that you can't have a great trip with the 22 days you've got available, it's just something to think about as you build a plan - so you don't end up with a trip where you don't have time to actually enjoy any of the things you'll be seeing.

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