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  1. Default ROAD TRIP! Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Giant Sequoias, back to Vegas.

    Looking for some help on a trip. Flying from Chicago area to Vegas with 2 teens. We would like to see Vegas (mostly shows and sites, no gambling). The only reason Vegas is on the list is because its MUCH cheaper to fly into Vegas than any city near it. Would like to see the San Diego Zoo and Seaworld. The walk of fame, Hollywood sign and other tourist sites in L.A. Then the giant Sequoias closest to the area. We want to go in March over spring break. How long will a trip like this take? Is March a good time to go or should we wait until summer? Is there a certain order we should go in to save time? I have never been anywhere in the area before so I am completely ignorant about the weather, mountains, desert and anything else out west. Please give me any advice you can. Even down to the type of car I should rent.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Whereas March can be a nice time to travel in these parts, you could still see snow and ice in Sequoia NP, home to the giant Sequoia trees. You have the order of your destinations in a good order and how long does a trip like this take ? Well you could drive it in 2.5 days but you could also spend 2 weeks and not see everything so it's more a case of how long have you got ?

    From Las Vegas you would have the option of going through the Mojave National Preserve and into Joshua tree NP on route to San Diego if you had the time and, from Sequoia NP you could detour through Death Valley NP on the way back to Vegas. March being a better time in Death valley than summer due to the extreme heat.

    A normal Sedan that is roomy enough for you and your luggage is all you need, you can get an idea of costs and classes of car from the RTA travel link to the right of each page.

    I would do a little research and involve the teens in the planning so that they have an active interest. Places like Yosemite NP and the Grand canyon would both be popular choices and rightly so, they are both spectacular !

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