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  1. Default Where to go on a last minute road trip from Mpls., MN celebrating 35th Anniversary ?

    We are leaving Nov. 23rd and plan on being back Dec.1 or 2nd. Any ideas?

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    Default What kinds of things interest you?

    Howdy and welcome to the forum.

    A week is a great length of time for such an anniversary road trip. What kinds of things interest you? Are you more interested in museums, luxury lodging, scenery, roadside art, hiking...?

    Essentially you have about a 1500 mile radius for such an undertaking, So St. Louis and the northern Great River Road is a possibility. And the Dakotas, Nebraska and Kansas to the west, as well as Indiana, Michigan, Iowa to the east.

    So, what are you looking to do on this road trip?


    (I've got to leave the office for a couple of hours -- but will respond later)

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    Welcome to RTA!

    While I understand why you posted -- probably looking for new ideas -- the truth is that we don't know anything about what you like, or that of your traveling companions ("we" being the operative word you used). So we could make loads of suggestions, but none of them applicable to you. What are you looking to get out of this trip?

    What I've done, when we have a 7-10 day time frame, is to take out a map. Look to see what's within a 2 day driving distance (roughly 800-1000 miles). What jumps out? If it were me making this trip, I'd see the history of Illinois as a draw, plus Mammoth Cave National Park.


  4. Default 35th Anniversary Road Trip

    Hello and Thank-you for replying.
    We love to see interesting sites, road side art, anything new and different that my husband and I can share together. Also historical sites and we love antiques. Part of route 66?, cadillac park, or hot springs, Ark. We love great scenery. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Default Some Options to Get You Thinking

    While a week is an adequate amount of time for an enjoyable, relaxed, 'second honeymoon' type RoadTrip, it's not enough to see everything or to get as far as you might like from Minneapolis. So probably, at this point, the best advice we can give you is to lay out a few very general itineraries that would make the best of the time you have available to you without trying to cram so much in that you end up exhausted rather than refreshed. Such RoadTrips fall into two broad categories: 1) Loop trips where you're traveling at a moderate rate continuously, seeing new things every day, and gradually working your way around an area and then back home, and 2) Out-and-back trips where you have a destination that you spend a day or two driving to, a few days exploring, and then a day or two on the return drive. So a couple of possibilities in each category...

    Mid-South and Great River: Down through Illinois (Lincoln country) and Kentucky (Mammoth Cave) to the Great Smokey Mountains, return through Tennessee (Nashville and Memphis) and up the Mississippi via St. Louis, Hannibal, Nauvoo, and the wildlife refuges along the Mississippi Flyway.

    Northern Plains and Rockies: To Omaha and then follow the Platte River (the old Oregon Trail) out to Denver and Rocky Mountain National Park (check local advisories for current road conditions), follow the Rockies up through Wyoming to the Tetons and Yellowstone, then across Montana (Little Bighorn) to northeastern Wyoming (Devils Tower), southwestern South Dakota (Black Hills and Badlands), and home.

    Four Corners Area: With Cortez or Durango CO as a base, Mesa Verde National Park, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Monument Valley, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Navajo and Hopi Nations, Arches National Park.

    Mid-Atlantic: With Washington DC area as a base and giving access to alternative transportation, The Historic Triangle of Virginia (Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown), DC and its museums, buildings and monuments, Annapolis (Naval Academy and colonial architecture), Eastern Shore including Assateague or Chincoteague Island), Philadelphia (Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall, etc.), Chesapeake Bay, etc.

    Those should give you an idea of what you can accomplish in a week. I would caution again, however, that trying to do much more - especially adding a lot of driving - will prove counterproductive. Plan on something that includes activities and sites that you'll enjoy, but not too much/many of them.


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    Since you mention Route 66 and Hot Springs, you could pick up Route 66 in Chicago and take it to Springfield, MO. The Lincoln sites in Springfield, Illinois are great - especially the relatively new Lincoln Museum. In Springfield, Missouri, you could pick up US 65 towards Hot Springs. Along the way, a stop at Branson would be a possibility. At this time of year, you would be able to catch one of the Christmas Shows. There are also a couple of very nice Christmas light shows with the best being at Shepard Of The Hills. Another neat little town in the area is Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

    You could also head south through Iowa and hit the Amana Colonies west of Iowa City and then take I-80 to Joliet, Illinois and pick up Route 66 there. You would not miss much by skipping the portion of Route 66 from Chicago to Joliet and you would avoid Chicago traffic.
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    Note that the vast majority of Route 66 has been paved over by I-55 and I-44.

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    All but about 50 miles of what was Route 66 in Illinois can still be driven. The same is true of Missouri. More info is available here:

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