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  1. Default Travel from Jacksonville, FL to Spokane next in 4 days!

    Hi all,

    This site is a wonderful resource, but I feel I need to ask your advice on travel. I have to travel this coming Sunday, and while not in a super rush, I am not interested in extra miles if I can avoid them.

    During my initial search, the maps suggest heading northwest from here up through SD and then I-90 into Spokane. My biggest concern is the rockies this time of year. I have a manual transmission Audi A4 with all wheel drive for the trip, I want to avoid state highways as much as possible, and would like to have lodging and food options mostly available.

    Any input from any folks who have done this trip or at least the rockies portion would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default A bigger concern.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    I think your biggest concern at the moment should be the time factor. Trying to drive 675 miles on 4 consecutive days is not something we would recommend. It might be OK as a single trip but to have to repeat it over and over is going to lead to fatigue and make safety a concern, professional drivers are limited to 600 miles a day for this reason, add another day and split the trip into even segments and it will make a huge difference.

    Interstates are a priority to keep clear and the country on the move, so unless you see a severe winter storm coming in, the most direct route is your best option. The best thing you can do is plan on 5 days and have one spare so that if you do hit winter storms you can sit it out and let it pass while the road crews do their job

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The route it appears you've been looking at, heading up to South Dakota via Atlanta, Nashville, St. Louis, and Kansas City, and then I-90 from there is probably your best best. During winter travel, sticking to the most direct route is usually a better bet than trying to find an out of the way route - as the less time you're on the road, the less chance you have for a storm. I-90 also crosses the rockies at a lower elevation than I-80, I-70, or I-40, which often times can be an advantage. The plow crews along I-90 are also very experienced in dealing with snow, so a minor snow event will be dealt with quickly, and a major one will usually be cleared up within a day.

    Having said that, it is also always a good idea to keep an eye on the forecast. Even now is a bit early to say what the weather will be by the middle of next week. I would stick with the direct route at least to Kansas City, and then check the forecast. If it looks like there will be bad weather in the Dakotas or Montana that you can avoid by staying south, you could then consider taking I-70 or I-80 farther west, and eventually head north on I-25 or even I-15.

    As long as you are on the interstates you should have no problems finding services like gas/food/lodging.

    *I had a different take on your trip in Dave. I took your title as in you are leaving 4 days from now, but you didn't have a hard schedule, not that you are planning on spending just 4 days on the road. His point is correct that you should plan on this trip taking at least 5 days.

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    Default Confused

    Are you planning on leaving in four days or making the trip in four days? If the latter, I totally agree with Southwest Dave -2,690 miles in four days is just to much.

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    Hi All-
    I think I confused you with a typo, we are leaving in 4 days. Preliminary weather reports don't look bad for the shortest route, I think that's the one we will take. Thanks for the input, I'll check back if anyone has anything to add or if I have other questions.

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    Default Safe travels.

    Nice to know you have the time available. If you want to get there as quickly as possible in a safe fashion then, with a big first day you could make it to Nashville then Kansas City, Chamberlain SD and Billings MT would break the trip up reasonably well. Of course if you had an extra day or 2 you could include a little sight seeing, maybe cut back a bit on your first day and visit St Louis and the famous Gateway Arch etc on day 2, or stop in Mitchell SD for the Corn Palace, a detour into Badlands NP or Devils Tower National Monument for examples.

    Have a good trip !

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