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    Hi. My son is moving near Salt Lake City around Dec. 1st, starting out from South Jersey. He's driving a Saab loaded with gear and planning to not put on his snow tires until he gets there, so as not to wear them down. As I am his concerned mother, I would appreciate knowing the best route for him to take, knowing you can't avoid storms, but hoping to increase his odds. We live in Vermont and he has lots of winter driving experience but with studded snow tires most of the winter. Knowing him, he will try to get there as soon as possible, probably napping in his car when he gets tired - despite my pleas to find a motel. Any advice or reassurance for a nervous mom :)? Thanks!

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    In the winter, the "best" route is the most direct route. There is NO east-west route in the whole country that's immune from winter weather. If the weather is bad enough where snow tires are needed, he needs to get off the road till the storm passes and the roads are cleared.

    You need to be VERY insistent about using motels (and give him some money to pay for them if necessary). Driving more than about 600 miles a day is very unsafe, and is ILLEGAL for professional drivers to do. This drive is going to take 4 days. You CANNOT get good rest sleeping in a car, and it's either illegal and/or unsafe in most places.

    The most direct route is the toll roads - PA Turnpike, OH Turnpike, IN Toll Road. However, this does take you through the Chicago metro mess and areas of possible lake effect snow. It also requires you to get through or around Philly. What I'd do to save most tolls and stay away from the lakes and Chicago is take I-95 to Baltimore, the I-695 Beltway around the north of the city, then I-70 to I-68 to I-79 back to I-70. Take that to Indy, then I-74 to I-80.

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    Default Right to be concerned.

    As above, he needs to get good nights of sleep and for this journey it will take at least 3 overnight stops without any major disruption from the weather. Napping in the car will not do on a journey of this distance, being in charge of a vehicle while exhausted from sleep deprivation is a recipe for disaster and a major cause for accidents on the road. A lot of people think they are different from others and don't need the rest, they are as wrong as those who think they can drive safely after 'a few drinks', it's irresponsible and a gamble, not only for themselves but for those that have to share the roads with them.

    You are right to be concerned about this and I wish you luck in trying to convince him to be safe and minimise risk.

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    Another very practical concern of trying to nap in the car is that this trip will be in the middle of winter! A car provides practically no insulation from the cold, which will make it very difficult to get any real sleep. In addition to reminding him about the importance of a good night of rest, I'd recommend you also provide a reminder that sleeping in a car with the engine/heater running is very dangerous due to the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

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    Thank you all for your replies - especially with the route suggestion. I absolutely am concerned about sleeping in the car and plan on giving him a credit card so he has no excuse not to stay in a motel. I will continue to "nag" him and make sure he definitely knows about the CO issue. 25 year old males think they can handle anything - what a relief it will be when he hits 30 (I hope) :).

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    If you want to control the hotel booking situation, you can sign up with a national hotel chain as a silver/preferred member and book it via their main site everyday. Just got to make call to your son and book hotel near his location.

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