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  1. Default New York(upstate) to San Francisco with two Golden Retrievers! Input PLEASE!

    My fiancÚ and I are moving to the SF bay area and are bringing our two year old Goldens for the ride. Two vehicles, a Ford F150 extend cab with ecoboost , and a rental 26 ' Penske truck with our belongings. We are in no rush, figuring no more than 5 hours a day of driving, more for the dogs than us, and the only real fixed date is move in day for our new home on Dec 1. We are thinking 8 to 10 days to make the trip. We are a little concerned about weather this time of year, especially hitting CO, Montana, and that area near Thanskgiving. Luckily the Ford is four wheel drive(fiancÚ driver) and the rental truck will have weight advantage. The only real destination is Denver because of family, otherwise we are open to suggestions to "smell the roses" along the way .Thanks for any input.

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    I realize that "8 to 10 days" sounds like a lot of time for a one-way crossing of the country, but the fact is that given your other parameters, especially driving two large trucks and only going 5 hours a day, you are going to be hard pressed to make the journey in the time allotted. Toss in a stop in Denver to visit family and you've pretty much accounted for all your available time. And the only real weapon you have to deal with inclement weather on such a drive is time. Trying to bull through a snowstorm in a fully loaded truck is folly. You would simply have to sit out any snow, let the road crews do their work, and only then get back on the highway.

    So, you'll need to view the driving portion of this trip as what it is, serious work. There is no time for detours to Montana. You need to simply get on the Thruway, take that to Cleveland and I-80, and stay on that the rest of the way. There are certainly stops along the way that you can make to give the dogs some exercise and you a break from the driving, and you can adjust your daily driving schedule a bit here and there to make sure that you are staying overnight in interesting places, but you'll need to keep your eye on the prize. Cover at least 350 miles a day. At that pace you would need 8 days to complete the drive. That leaves you one day to spend in Denver and one day to hold in reserve should you hit snow anywhere. Keep in mind that you will need to hold that reserve day to the end since your greatest chances of seeing bad weather occur between Denver and San Francisco.


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