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    We are taking a 10 day road trip from western NY to southern Arkansas for the first time and want to take
    in as much nature as possible thru Penn, West Va, Kentucky and Tenn stopping in Nashville for a night or 2 then on to Ark.
    Maybe a couple days in northern Texas then straight home.....We are going next month.
    Driving is a big part of the trip so beautiful roads thru mountains, valleys, historic areas, etc are what we are looking for.
    Any suggestions? We would appreciate it!

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    Somewhat surprisingly, you don't have a lot of extra time for this trip, since you're looking at five full days just for the driving portion to get you down through all the places you mentioned and beck again to wherever in 'western New York' you call home. Still, if the trip is going to be mostly about the drive and short stops at historic and scenic sites, then it should work out well for you.

    If driving is going to be the main order of business each day for ten days or so, then you shouldn't plan on covering too many miles, instead leaving plenty of time for out-of-the-car activities to break up those long stretches and give your minds and bodies something to do besides just sit. I wouldn't plan on covering more than about 400 miles on any given day. That assumes that you'll be driving mostly on non-Interstate highways and taking a few hours out each day to visit historic sites, take short hikes through scenic areas. It also assumes that you'll spend a few days combined in Nashville and in Arkansas/Texas.

    So, what would be some good roads to use as 'strings' on which to find a number of 'pearls' for your trip. Basically, I'd be looking at US-219/US-119 down through Pennsylvania and West Virginia to US-60 west into Kentucky and US-31 down to Nashville. From Nashville south, you have one of the great scenic roads in America, the historic Natchez Trace, and that is clearly the way to go at least to US-64 west into Memphis, then US-63 will get you into southern Arkansas while avoiding Little Rock.

    As for the 'pearls', here are few to consider: Punksutawnee PA, Fort Necessity National Battlefield, the West Virginia Wildlife Center, Carter Caves State Resort, Mammoth Cave National Park, Shiloh National Military Park, and the White River National Wildlife Area.

    The drive back from wherever you terminate your trip would probably be more straightforward, using Interstates for the most part, but since I don't know where you'll end this trip or how much time you'll have for the return portion, I really can't offer you much help at present.


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