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  1. Default summer roadie maine to west coast and back

    hey guys, i'll be graduating in 2015 so this summer will be my last summer before going into the real world. i'm trying to plan a roadie with the boys and want to make it all the way to the west coast. i'm going to give myself a 3 week period to get things done. so far, i have stops planned up until orlando (taking a bit of a coastal route down the east side, then cutting out west). but that's where i have a huge gap up until the grand canyon. from there i plan on going from the canyon taking another coastal route until seattle then cutting east to yellowstone. but then another huge gap after yellowstone until chicago.

    first, is this doable in a 3 week period? round trip going through pretty much the outside of the states.
    second, what are some cool stops between orlando to the canyon, and yellowstone to chicago?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I can tell you to start that the trip you are hoping to do is not possible in 3 weeks. You'd really need a bare minimum of 4 weeks to do a lap around the US, and frankly even there, that would leave very little time for any stops for fun and exploring, especially if you are following the coast instead of using freeways.

    If you aren't graduating until 2015, then I'm guessing that you and your friends will not be 18? Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are major challenges and complications that come with traveling as a minor. Some of them are very practical, such as it will be virtually impossible for you to find places to spend the night, as motels, hostels, and even most campgrounds will require everyone in your group to be 18. There are other more technical, and legal, issues that can also be a challenge, even if you can overcome the practical ones.

    Beyond that, have you thought about money, transportation, etc? A massive cross country roadtrip is one of those things that sounds very appealing, but it takes a lot of hard work beyond just looking at the fun, to make the dream a reality.

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    probably left out a key piece of information, we'll be graduating college. so we'll all be at least 21 this summer. haha that should make a pretty big difference. and when i say coastal route, i don't necessarily mean following the coast the whole time. we'll probably be sticking to freeways most of the time.

    as for the planning, i'm aware. this is why i'm trying to get a hold of things now. and to find out if it's is even possible. hopefully this helps you out a little. any more help?

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    From a time standpoint, you can't do this in 3 weeks, as already said. At BEST you will be driving 9000 miles. This is 18 days of driving, ALL day EVERY day. That leaves exactly 3 days for resting and sightseeing, at BEST.

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    alright, thanks for the input. i guess west coast is out of the question then.

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    Default Not out of the question.

    The west coast would not be out of the question with 3 weeks, just going up and down both coasts as well as across the country both ways is where the problem lies with the time you have. For example you could go from Maine through Chicago to Denver and San Francisco and then from LA to Vegas and Grand canyon and back through St Louis. It would still be a lot of driving but it's certainly possible, as are many other options.

    To get started with your planning you really need to sit down with your buddies and discuss things as it sounds like you are doing all the planning and that rarely works with a group, as people have different ideas about what the trip should be. For exmple would they all be happy with being in the car 6 or 7 hours every day, or would they sooner spend more time out of the car and experiencing places you visit and clock up less miles. What are their interests ? What are their goals for the trip ? How much money will each have available ? [It's not a lot of fun if one runs out of money and are left behind each day during activities.] You need to discuss lodgings, food, transport and things, to be honest, this is the real world. Don't get me wrong, planning is a whole lot of fun as well as being necessary but it's where you need to start. Once discussions open up you can get some dots on the map and then look at how to best join them up.

    Start by searching the forums [Field reports have plenty of info alone] and checking out the planning pages above where you will find tips and planning tools and mapping programs.

    This page is a good fun place to start your discussions.

    Once you have the basis of your trip sorted we can certainly help fill in the blanks and fine tune your trip, so don't hesitate to ask b ut for now it's over to you.

    When planning don't forget life doesn't stop where the 'real world begins', in fact it's just the start of things and you will have many other chances to see other areas and take other road trips. In other words don't over plan, you won't be able to do everything.

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    Default the question

    As Dave mentioned, with 3 weeks, the West Coast is not out of the question, but doing all the west coast - from Washington to California, along with a detour to Florida, probably is. 3 weeks is about the minimum amount of time you'd want to drive to the West Coast and back, if you take a relatively direct route. That alone will require a good week of driving each way, but you'd at least have time for some exploring out out west.

    Of course, there is this common misconception that you have to travel thousands of miles or go cross-country for it to be a "real' roadtrip, or that there is some link between the number of miles you travel and the quality of the roadtrip. You can have a great roadtrip, and still only go a couple hundred miles from home, and there are a lot of times where going fewer miles means you actually have much more opportunity to actually get a feel for the places you are visiting.

    But ultimately, it will be up to you, and your friends, to decide what you want out of this trip. If that means getting to the west coast and back, or exploring destinations on the east coast or other places closer to home.

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    thanks for all the input guys! i think what we're going to do is scratch the whole drive around the u.s. thing and have a more direct route to the west coast. then plan stops that way. and if i need to make it longer than 3 weeks, i may. i figured 3 weeks was just a place to start.

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    Default Who's trip?

    If you search the forums you will find that there have been quite a few threads over recent years, with after graduation roadtrips plans. What stands out to me in this thread is...

    All your posts mention what you plan, what you mean, what you are thinking. The only mention of 'we' is when you mention you will all be over 21.

    The best thing you can do as a first, is follow the link Southwest Dave posted.


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