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  1. Default New York to Seattle (in 3 days?)

    Hello, I naively thought that I could drive from New York to Seattle to relocate for my job. Then my Uncle whose driven cross country argued against it saying it would take too long and be dangerous. I would like to get there in 3-4 days. Is that possible? Would it be dangerous as they say? If its possible how would take precautions against any problems?

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    Default Yes, dangerous in 3-4 days.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you have the time available it is not dangerous at all, but to try and do it in 3 or 4 days would be to yourself and others you share the road with. Computer mapping programs are no good at all in estimating times to drive long distance. For example it says the journey can be done in 41 hours, a pure fantasy in the real world. To do this trip safely you will need a minimum of 5 days dividing your journeys up into equal segments which will equate to about 575 miles per day and driving 10 hours plus per day with the minimum of stops for food and bathroom breaks, a stretch of the limbs and to freshen the mind and fill up with gas and to ensure you get a good nights rest. Sure you can do more on a single day but with multi- day road trips it's a marathon and not a sprint. Push too hard the first day or two and you will soon become fatigued and start suffering 'Highway Hypnosis' and that's when things can turn nasty.

    Keep it safe and have a great trip.

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    Default A wise uncle

    Trying to drive from NY to Seattle in 3-4 Days would be every bit as dangerous as you're being told. In fact, I'd go so far as to call it "homicidal!" That kind of pace simply doesn't allow you to get nearly enough rest to be a safe driver, and attempting such a drive means that for large sections of the trip you will have reaction times and driving abilities that resemble someone who has had way too much to drink.

    Professional drivers are required by law to take a minimum of 5 days for this trip. That is because any less they would become a danger to both themselves and others. The same issues of fatigue that effect them will certainly effect you too.

    There is no reason you can't safely drive to your new home, but the first precaution you need to take is time itself. It should also be noted that since you included this in the Fall/Winter section, that it is entirely possible that you'll have to factor in weather. If you start seeing snow or ice, it is quite possible you'll need another day or two to deal with slower travel, or even getting off the road and waiting for the storm to pass and plow crews to do their thing. If you're planning to be driving a moving truck or pulling a trailer to bring your stuff, that too means more time on the road.

    Basically, if you can take a week for the trip, go for it! That allows time to cover the miles and gives you a cushion in case you run into unexpected delays. If you can't do that, then you really should look at other transportation options.

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