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    Hi, thanks guys for the info.

    I guess my main question was (I wasn't very clear), that since I won't be bringing a laptop (and my ipad is only 16GB), I was thinking of option 2 - the USB hard-drive - which would require access to a computer at motels and hotels to transfer data from the camera memory card.

    So I was wondering if these (communal computers / 'business centres') are commonly available in motels and if they are expensive (or free?) to use?

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    The ones I've seen in the cheaper hotels are free. They are also usually old and slow.

    Something for your wife to research - you can get external hard drives that are iPad-compatible, I believe you would also have to use the camera connection kit.

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    Thank you GLC.

    I just mentioned this iPad combatible hard drive to my wife, and she didn't know they existed. She says that, if we can get one, that would be the best solution of all! We (she) will look into it.

    Also, apologies Dave for posting all these camera/data questions on your magnficent Trip Report - if they need to be removed/moved somewhere else, please do, as this report deserves everyone's full attention as it is.

    Thank you very much.


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    Default It's all good.

    It's no problem Subman, it all contains good and useful info, but thanks for the consideration.


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    Ok thanks Dave.

    Hi GLC,

    The iPad compatible external hard drives seem to cost more than double the price for half the capacity of a standard one, at least here in the UK.

    I was wondering if such a thing could easily be purchased in the US when we get there (from a store), or would it have to be an online purchase there as well? I hear that all forms of electronics are cheaper over there.

    I find searching US online stores difficult over here, as I always get redirected to the UK sites.



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    Default has a 1 TB for $220. For that kind of money you might as well just bring an old laptop with you, along with a high capacity standard external drive.

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    Wow! what an amazing natural beauty. Great report dave. Thanks for sharing

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