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  1. Default Best Beach Town To Visit During Thanksgiving Week (Driving From Chicago)

    Ok so my wife and I are thinking about going on a road trip to a beach town with our almost 6 month old daughter during Thanksgiving week. We will have 6 days and here are some factors that are important to us...

    1- Safe (low crime)
    2- Warm (Being able to go in the water would be a plus)
    3- The shorter the distance from Chicago the better (daughter will be almost 8 months old by then)
    4- Don't want to drive more than 7-8 hours/day (see parenthesis of factor 3)

    So, I was thinking Pensacola Beach. What do you guys think? Any other ideas? Thank you.

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    Default Pensacola Works

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    Although there are destinations on the east coast that are closer to Chicago than Pensacola, your desire for warm waters at Thanksgiving pretty much rule them out. Pensacola would be fairly safe. In particular, Gulf Islands National Seashore is national park to boot. Unfortunately, the public ferry service to the offshore islands (Horn and Ship Islands off the Mississippi coast) ceases operation at the end of October, so you'd be limited to the on-shore portions of the park - but those are in the Pensacola area as well, the Fort Pickens area.

    Chicago to Pensacola would be a relatively easy two day drive under normal circumstances. You would need to be actually on the road for about 14 hours spread over two days. Add in time for fuel, food, and bathroom breaks, as well as the occasional time out and you're looking at those days starting around 8:00 AM and ending around 6:00 PM. But those are real-world time estimates for a relaxed drive. If you really want to limit your days to no more than seven hours from getting in the car to getting out at the end, you'll need three days each way.


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