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    Hi, we are planning a road trip from Miami to Salt Lake City and the final destnation would be Vegas. We are from Argentina so any suggestions regarding the attractions by State would be great. There are about 3 routes available and the travelling time is practically the same so we don't know which one coiuld be the best option.
    What would you suggest?
    Thank you

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are far more than 3 route available on a trip from Miami to Vegas, via Salt Lake. There are a couple million possible route combinations!

    What's the point of this trip? How long do you have? Who is going? There are far too many variables to be able to even guess what your best options might be without knowing much more about what you're hoping to do with this roadtrip.

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    Default You'll Have to Pick One First

    Bienvenido al bordo RoadTrip América foros! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As you point out, there are (at least) three separate routes that you could take that aren't all that much different in distance or driving time. That means that there's nothing really for someone else to use as a criterion for telling you which route you should take. You're going to have to choose between those basic routes on the basis of what you want to see and/or get out of the trip. So the best we can do is just tell you a little bit about the cities and general regions that each route goes through and then, once you decide which appeals to you most, offer you more detailed information the basis of why you chose that route.

    'Northern' route: This is technically the shortest and would have you going up through the south, and across the southern reaches of the Appalachian Mountains, crossing the Mississippi at St. Lois and then across the Great Plains following the Platte River into southern Wyoming and on to Salt Lake City. Besides the places already mentioned, this route would take you through Atlanta and Nashville, along the old Oregon Trail, and across the Great Divide Basin and Bear River Range of the Rockies.

    'Central' Route: Somewhat similar to the 'northern route' in that you would still see a good bit of the deep south, but along a different route through Memphis and Oklahoma City. You'd then head west through the Oklahoma panhandle to southeastern Colorado, up the Front Range to Denver, and over the Rockies to Arches National Park and up into Salt Lake City. Also on this route are some Civil War sites, Little Rock and Hot Springs, and a possible detour through the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

    'Southern' Route: On this drive you'd leave Florida through its panhandle, hugging the Gulf Coast through Alabama and Mississippi to New Orleans and then head northwest through Texas and New Mexico to the Four Corners area before finishing up in Salt Lake City. Other highlights along this route would include Dallas, Albuquerque and Santa Fe as well as the Red River and Monument Valleys and Mesa Verde and Arches National Parks.

    So, I hope that helps you pick a route, and that we can be of greater service to you once you have.


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    Default A few of many.

    so any suggestions regarding the attractions by State
    Here is a link to a list of attractions in each State, although there are thousands more in each one. You really need to decide on a few 'must see' sites that appeal to you and get some dots on the map and then we can help to join them up.
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    that's an awesome list!

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