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  1. Default Trip from Sanfrancisco to Death Valley, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Sedona, LA

    We are going by RV starting 10th October, returning to LA on 28th October. I would appreciate any advice about this trip but we are particularly concerned about the problems relating to RVs in Death Valley, would it still be a problem at this time of year? From what I have read the camp sites in DV don't have electric hookups which is a problem for aircon, any advice would be appreciated.

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    NOT daytripper?? Where did that come from?

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    Default It's your user title

    It's your RTA Membership Level.

    Brand new members are all known as Day Trippers, as you make more posts your usertitle changes. More information about that is found in the FAQ and also reproduced for you below...

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    Default Mild temps in October in DV

    Quote Originally Posted by MartynF View Post
    From what I have read the camp sites in DV don't have electric hookups which is a problem for aircon, any advice would be appreciated.
    There are some limited electric and water hook-ups at Furnace Creek -- but most of the RV spaces do not include hookups. However as part of the 2012 renovation work, the NPS was working at installing 21-full-hookup sites, (water, electric and sewer) -- I've not see these in person yet -- but here is a review from the campsite photos website
    The newly remodeled and renumbered campground now has RV sites (10-87), with several having full hookups. The full hookup sites are 39, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 67, 68, 69, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76 and 77. Sites 100 to 150 are drive in/walk in tent sites. Group sites are also available (40 people / 10 vehicle capacity).
    Temperatures during the day in Death Valley (Furnace Creek area) are typically about 80 degrees F. Nighttime temps usually drop to the low 60's.

    Outside of Furnace Creek -- you'd have to rely on dry camping. The campground I always liked the best for RV dry camping is Wildrose....

    So, with a good fan, you might not need the air conditioning.

    Oops.......... have you looked at the Death Valley Campground report? This is a must-see for your trip! Actually you might be in luck and might be the first to use one of the new camping spaces at Furnace Creek!


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    Default Some thoughts.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A great trip you have planned ! With 18 days available you have quite a few other options open to you without being too rushed. Have you planned on a couple of nights in Yosemite NP, it's one of my favourites. From Vegas you would also have the option of travelling into Southern Utah and visiting Zion and Bryce canyon NP's before heading south to the Grand canyon with a detour to Monument valley a possibility. Much will depend on what pace you want to travel at and how long you want to stay in each place, but there are many options. This RV trip report might help you get an idea of what's on offer.

    If you haven't booked your RV yet you might want to consider spending your time in SF using Motels and then pick your RV up before you depart, it's not a very car friendly city never mind an RV. If you would like to do an Alcatraz visit then I would recommend booking in advance, it's busy all year around. This is the place to get official tickets through the npswith no agents fees or having to buy extra tours.

    Any other questions just ask.

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    Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions, we are coming in to San F on 6th Oct and spending a few days in a hotel before picking up the RV and heading to Seaside to see a friend. After that, on 13th, we set off down HW1. We thought we would visit Julia Pfeiffer park on the way down and find a campsite near there, any suggestions? we had allowed ourselves a few days to travel down HW1 but might rethink in order to spend more time on the rest of the trip going east. The link to furnace creek was helpful, looks like we can book a pitch with electric hookup if we want but like you say perhaps a fan would do the trick. Have been to SanF once before but didn't visit "the rock" so might well fit that in this time. The account of your trip Dave is amazing and really helpful in planning ours, we are still finalising plans. Thanks Mark for putting me right on the Day Tripper status.

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    Default Campsites on the Pacific Coast Highway

    As you work your way south from Monterey, you will find campsites at the following state parks: Pfeiffer Big Sur, Limekiln, San Simeon, and Morro Bay. There are also campsites in the Los Padres National Forest with the Kirk Creek and Plaskett Creek sites being nearest the highway.

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    Default Alcatraz.

    When planning on visiting The Rock, consider the evening tour. Not only is the prison more 'spooky', but it is fantastic seeing the lights come on all over SF and seeing the sun sink into the Pacific beyond the Golden Gate Bridge.


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    Thanks for the help it has been very useful.

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