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  1. Default Thoughts welcomed - overwhelmed and spoiled for choice for 5 week trip!

    Hello all,

    just found this gem of a source of info and spent last few hours reading the threads and still feeling like we have so many options. We have 5 weeks to spend on a road trip before having to be in Fort Lauderdale on the 12th December for a 10 day cruise in the Caribbean. Is part of 6 months of a travelling honeymoon hence forth the spoiled comment!

    We can fly into east or west coast on air miles. We have done some lovely trips of Boston, vermont areas and have spent three weeks doing San Fran, Yosemite and Lake Tahoe before.

    With regards to preferences I love food, learning to cook different cuisines, hiking and music, particularly jazz and country. So the Memphis and Nashville destinations are up there at the moment, the deep south is also featuring from a foodie perspective. Would love to do a cooking course. My new husband likes political history and watching sporting events of any kind so thinking the stock cars and football matches would be good to incorporate. Not sure whether we should be trying to do coast to coast to incorporate all these interests or whether a big loop from New York down through West Virginia, Tenessee, Louisiana and then up through Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia back to New York and then take a flight down to Fort Lauderdale? Have read that drop off costs on car rentals are expensive so the loop option with an extra internal flight wouldn't be any more expensive. Not worried about the amount of coverage of miles to say we have been everywhere, would rather have some nice experiences to remember and cover less miles. Was thinking the eastern part of recommendation for Sammy J would be good (LA to NY with southern focus) Any other recommendations or thoughts on itinerary would be most welcome! Thank you so much for your help, AM

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    Why not fly into Miami or Fort Lauderdale and take the loop trip out of there?

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    Hi glc thanks for the response and asking the obvious that I hadnt considered!- I didnt think because we have done the keys and north of Miami up to Port Lucie before I thought we would be covering old ground but it probably makes as much sense to do the loop up and round from there. Will go back to the drawing board a bit. Are there any places north out of Florida that you recommend we incorporate? Thanks again AM

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    Why not fly into Miami or Fort Lauderdale and take the loop trip out of there?

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    With 5 weeks, you could go just about anywhere. I'm sure there are a lot of places in Florida that you haven't seen that would be worth looking at. North of Port St. Lucie, there's the Kennedy Space Center, Orlando, and St. Augustine. On the way back, you can go down the Gulf coast and back across Alligator Alley.

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    Default Keep researching for the right answer.

    As glc mentioned, with 5 weeks you can go just about anywhere in the country and with so many options we know how tough it can be too decide. All of the options mentioned are viable and there are many more, yes you are spoilt for choice. But that's a good thing !

    I would recommend you keep searching the RTA site, the forums have lots of info including the trip reports section where you can pick up detail on other members trips, then there are all the planning resources in the tool bars above, the Map Centre, route info, planning tips and much, much more. Once you have decided which option works best for you then we should be able to help you put it altogether and make suggestions.

    Enjoy the planning !

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