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    My husband and I are moving to Tampa from Seattle the first week of October with our 2 labs. We're towing a 4x8 uhaul trailer and we're interested in going a southerly route....we've driven I-80 previously but neither of us has seen much of the SW.

    We're planning to take I-5 down through California, but then we're debating between I-10 and I-40. Any suggestions?

    My main concern is the inclines with the trailer - as few of those as possible would be great. :)
    Secondary concerns - border checks? I have no idea how extensive/common/etc those are.

    Thanks in advance for any comments!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    What are you using to tow the trailer and how much time do you have for this trip?

    I-10 does stay at a lower elevation than I-40, although at the same time, the mountains you will deal with on I-40 really won't be much harder to deal with than what you'll see coming down the coast on I-5.

    You are likely to see a couple of border patrol checkpoints on I-10, although that's not usually to big of a deal, other than the slight delay.

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    Thanks for the welcome and the reply! :)

    I have a 2012 Chevy Equinox, FWD. It felt like we climbed forever going from Nebraska into Wyoming, so I'm kinda hoping to avoid something similar - which may or may not be possible.

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    Here is what I would do for a southern route in order to avoid major metro areas and their bad traffic.

    Take I-5 to Lost Hills CA, then CA-46 to CA-99 to Bakersfield, then CA-58 to I-40.

    Stay on I-40 all the way to Memphis, then take US-78/I-22 to Birmingham, US-65 to Montgomery, then US-231 to I-10.

    Note that this is 3700 miles, 500 miles longer than taking the fastest route.

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