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  1. Default las vegas to williams ; grand canyon to lake havasu city at night ?

    I should go from vegas to williams and Grand canyon to Lake Havasu City.
    I have driven in LA only for few weeks.
    Thats all I have driven in USA.
    Of course I have driven for many years in my hometown.
    As for me is it dangerous to drive at night?
    One day I will go from Las Vegas to WWilliams and sleep and the next day spend at Grand Canyon, go to Lake Havasu City to sleep.
    My family really want to see Canyons sunset but it looks dangerous to drive from Canyon to Lake Havasu City.
    Same problem happens with the route from Vegas to Williams.
    Please help me.
    I have to decide this until tommorow morning...

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    Default The danger

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Driving at night, by itself, is not something that is dangerous really anywhere in the US. Certainly it is not quite as safe as driving during the day, simply because you can never have the same visibility using headlights, but it is a one of the safest highway systems in the world designed to be used 24 hours a day.

    However, what can be dangerous is trying to do too much, and thus becoming drowsy behind the wheel. That's a problem that can be compounded because it is easy to underestimate just how far apart things are in the US. Both Vegas to Williams and GC to Lake Havasu City are 4 hour drives, plus at the Grand Canyon you'll need to factor time to get back to your car from the viewpoints on the canyon. If you're staying until sunset, that means you likely wouldn't be getting to Havasu until nearly midnight. Driving that late, after what will have been a very full day of exploring at the Canyon, might not be the best idea for you. You might want to consider just spending 2 nights in Williams. That will also let you actually see the scenery that you'd otherwise be driving by in the dark.

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    What concerns me the most about driving at night in that part of the country is the open range. It's very possible to come across livestock in the road. Black cows are hard enough to see in daylight, at night that can be real dangerous.

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    Thank all of u!!!have to change my plan^^

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