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    Hi all - My husband and I are planning a trip to Texas, Louisiana and Florida in May next year. We will have just over 2 weeks. Ideally we would like to fly to Dallas, stay there a couple of nights and from there drive to Austin. After that I would like to move to San Antonio, Houston and then New Orleans, staying from one to three nights in each location. Then we would drive to Orlando and finally to Miami, where we would like to stay at least a couple of days. We would then fly back to the UK from there or take an internal flight back to Dallas, depending on the prices. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks very much!

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    Realistically you're going to be spending five days on the road. If you then also plan on spending a couple of days in each of the seven cities you've listed, you'll need to squeeze 19 days into your two week holiday. I understand that some cities will only get a day, still it seems like you're trying to pack a lot in.

    As for where to catch your return flight to the UK, trying to get back to Dallas would kill at least another half day. You would probably save a few hundred dollars on the rental car by returning it to Dallas rather than dropping it in Miami, but this is a relatively minor expense on a trip such as yours.

    So, my first bit of advice would be to carefully plan out how many days you really want to spend in each of the cities you'll be visiting, keeping in mind that you will need five days for the driving. For that matter, your itinerary seems a bit heavily weighted towards urban venues. There's no time left for exploring some of the unique natural settings that your travels will take you through including the Louisiana bayous, the Gulf Coast, the swamps of northern Florida and Southern Georgia, and the barrier islands of the Atlantic coast.

    Beyond that, it's hard to offer you any more meaningful advice without knowing what your interests are or what you hope to get out of this trip other than visiting a half dozen cities.


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    For one way rentals, some rental car companies offer a $1 a day deal to move rental vehicles back to registered state locations. This might save you $$$.
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    Hello and thanks for your reply. Very happy to cut down the number of cities in favour of more natural settings. What would you suggest the itinerary to be? We have 15 days tops for the trip so we could probably cut a few cities in Texas. Leaving the car in Miami is not a problem and we can fly back from there. Thanks very much!

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    Default Stuff to See - and Miss

    Austin has the most vibrant night scene with both the University of Texas and Austin City Limits, as well as gardens, a pioneer farm living museum, a museum of the weird, and one of the best BBQ joints in the Salt Lick outside of town. Besides the Alamo, be sure to spend some time on the River Walk in San Antonio. Personally, I would skip Houston, and I say that having visited the city a number of times on business.

    Heading east from Texas, I'd plan on spending some time in southwest Louisiana poking around the Creole Nature Trail. It's probably not going to still be in progress when you get there, but there is a jazz festival in New Orleans in late April and early May. But jazz is available all year round in the French Quarter. Continuing around the Gulf Coast, be sure to get to some off shore islands. Also, there are a number of cities and small towns on the Gulf, such as Apalachicola, worth exploring.

    Ultimately, however, you'll work your way to the Atlantic Coast, but aim a bit farther north than you otherwise might and take in the Okefenokee Swamp in southeastern Georgia. Then work south along the coast checking out America's oldest city, a town where you can drive on the beach, the site of many famous space journeys.

    There are, of course, many other possibilities, so if you have interests not served by the above suggestions, let us know.


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    Fantastic! Thank you very much for your help!

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