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    Default Advice Needed For Delaware to Yellowstone and back again with a travel trailer

    Here is a link to my google map. I invite criticism, observations, ideas...

    We are leaving Delaware on June 15th and have about 22 days.

    Thanks so much for your help!
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    Default So What Are You Looking For?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    First: I removed the link to your map for one simple reason. It listed both your home address and the days you would be away - not a pair of items you want to advertise on the web.

    In any event a map really isn't much help in decoding what it is that you're trying to accomplish on your RoadTrip or even as a jumping off point in offering "criticism, observations, ideas..." It's just some lines connecting points. I will say that you've got all the major attractions pinpointed, as well as some little-known highlights such as Circus World, Carhenge, and the RV/MH Hall of Fame (that last one is new to me!).

    So, my questions to you are - what do you want out of this trip? Why did you choose the places you chose? Where do you see yourselves spending the most time en route? Are you open to other suggestions and if so, would you want historic, scenic, quirky, relaxing, educational - what? I will note that three weeks is not really a lot of time for a trip of this magnitude and choices will have to be made, Have you thought about which destinations you might drop in favor of others? Are you aware that mid to late June is when Yellowstone is (usually) finally completely open and the crowds are really starting to show up, so if you plan to go then, you should be making reservations now, or very shortly.

    We'll be happy to help you, and you have started planning in plenty of time, but we need to know what you want.

    Go Hens!


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