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    Before I start, I know numerous Aussies that have used this forum to get invaluable advice and I'm hoping I get the same treatment. Now, not knowing how to feed your information it might be easier just to note some points.
    Travelling with family (3 adults + 3 kids) in mid to late September. We arrive and New York and we are then hoping to cross off the following items on our to do list in, no particular order but aware of are time constraints.

    1) Washington DC - to do the touristy things and hopefully catch the Redskins v Lions (22/9). - maybe 3 nights
    2) Visit long lost relative in Greenville PA. (mandatory) - 1-2 nights
    3) Niagara Falls - 2 nights
    4) Montreal (mandatory - relatives once again) - 4 nights
    5) Back to New York - 2 nights in transit somewhere

    So, without pushing our friendship could anyone provide advice as to possible scenic routes and places to visit or stopovers.

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    I live in Maryland, just outside of DC and we (my husband and son) just recently came back from a 2 day trip to Niagara Falls! First and foremost, in D.C. a tour of the monuments is a must. Haven't done one by tour bus, as we've always walked around. But if time is of the essence, I urge you to do one of those bus tours. Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials are favorites! The Washington Monument, I believe is still closed - so you can't go IN it, but you can go to it and walk around. Niagara Falls, again, do the tour thing where you pay for the day tour and they take you around to the sites and activities. It was worth it! Canada Side is much nicer and scenic than the American side. Driving back to DC we took the finger lakes route. Which is BEAUTIFUL! Drove down via Seneca Lake. Stopped at a winery, bought and tasted some wine! It's all wineries thru that area! We also stopped at Watkins Glen (bottom of Seneca Lake) to walk thru Watkins Glen State Park. That was beautiful too! Strenuous, but again, worth it! I'm out of shape but I managed to do the 1.5 mile hike up the falls in Watkins Glen. It's a good afternoon activity! Have fun!

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    Default Some details.

    Hi and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    If you could mention how much time you have for this trip and what the ages of the children are it would help

    Be aware that you will not want a car in either NYC or DC. Both these cities have very good public transport and parking is hard to find and expensive. You could even take Amtrak fron NYC to DC. Give the children another experience.

    You may like to consider some things I do every trip... bring a flag suitable to put up in the back window of the car. Not only will it show other motorists that you are not a local, but it is amazing how many people come up to me to ask questions about the flag and the country. A bag of small souvenirs - postcards, pins, pens, little koalas, etc. - is also handy to give to folk you meet along the way.

    The other is, bring your RACV / NRMA / RACQ or whichever yours is, with you. It will give you access to free maps and tourist information from both AAA in the US and CAA in Canada. (You can get virtually all Canadian maps from AAA.) I like to get all my maps - States and major urban centres - in the first place I visit. Especially in NYC and DC, there is nothing like having a good detailed map to look over before you set out.

    Enjoy your trip.


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    Default And Some Other Sites...

    All good advice so far, but here is a compilation of past posts on New York State and environs. Your route through Greenville PA means that you should also look at using the old National Road through Maryland and Pennsylvania and then maybe PA-60 or similar routes north to the Niagara Falls area. Between Niagara and Montréal, I'd recommend that you stay on the US (south) side of Lake Ontario rather than negotiating the Toronto metro area, and visit the Thousand Islands region at the head of the St. Lawrence River. As for Montréal, my wife and I were just there as part of a somewhat similar RoadTrip, and I think your entire family will enjoy the display at the Botanical Gardens (note that the admission price includes two days to visit). Also, plan on the border crossings taking an hour or more at major ports of entry.


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    Thank you all, for your quick response, I will have a look at these options. With regards to the kids ages 14,12 and 9.
    By the way did a bit of homework myself last night and was wondering if you could advise the merits of staying in Butler (PA) and going to Fallingwater home on the way through to Butler.

    Just followed up your posting AZBuck and looks like these might already be covered in the National Road.

    Thank you all for your guidance, please dont take this as me requiring no further advice as I am always open to idea.
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