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    Default Missing the open road: East Coast Trip

    I am missing being on the road so the husband and I are packing our crap and going on another road trip. We just got back from Hawaii, Big Island last month and don't get me wrong it was amazing but it was different then our previous trips for it wasn't a road trip and I miss that feeling. So after many trip idea changes we decided on the East coast, we were wanting to maybe do the south west again (cali, utah, ect.) We went that way almost 2 years ago on a month long trip and hit up over 10 of the Nation Parks and LOVED it! Death Valley & Arches NP are sooo under rated! But back to my current trip. We are doing East coast, we did this about 5-6 years ago and loved it at the time but now that I have few road trips under my belt I am realizing we missed ALOT! So back we go. Planning on leaving end of Sept to fall colors. It will be me (age 28) my hubby (age 32), 3 weeks, jeep, tent, ect. I dont really need too much help on what to bring, we have road trips down :) but what I need is to know if I am missing anything I should see. This forum helped me a lot on previous trips as to where to go and some of thing turned out to be favorites! PLEASE let me know if I should be adding something, or you think I am missing something. we are easy going on routes and I can always take more time off so please feel free to add a comment. PS my husband is a professional photographer so we love beautiful places like architectural, historical and scenic things. Im open to all things not just the most popular stuff. Thanks in advanced.

    Start, Mnpls MN to Cuyahoga N.P.
    Cleveland to Shenandoah N.P.
    Shenandoah N.P. to Washington DC
    DC to this is where we are not sure what route, we might just wing it (Baltimore, NJ, Delaware)
    NJ to Philadelphia
    Philadelphia to New York
    New York to CT
    CT to Rhode Island
    RI to Mass.
    Mass. to NH
    NH to Maine, Arcadia NP
    Maine to VT
    VT to Lake Champlain
    Lake Champlain to Finger Lakes
    Finger Lakes to Niagra Falls
    Then from somewhere around here we will decide to head home via the Great Lakes tour or thru Chicago.

    We have a lot planned already for these places and in between but it would be nice to see what other have done and seen around these places.


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    Default More Than Meets the Eye

    This is going to be a very short post and it contains only a single link to another recent, short post. But within that post are a host of links to some of my favorite places in the northeast. Have a look and if you have further questions, I'll try to answer them.


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