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  1. Default early august wisconsin to yellowstone with three teens kooky places to see and do

    (edit: LATE August) we are looking for interesting and "kooky" things to do and see. We have allotted roughly 8 days round trip. We are doing the no brainers of Mt Rushmore, wall drug, corn palace and of course all that Yellowstone has to offer. We would also love to find things like being able to explore for fossils, minerals and gems "treasure hunting", geocaching, paranormal/haunted areas/places, ufo sighting areas and "searching for big foot" lol The last two are the hubby's ideas - he heard there is a large amount of ufo sightings in Montana and he thought he heard about some bigfoot searching tours or something of the sort. We are trying to do things that are funny and memorable as we have two kids who will be seniors in HS and one that will be a sophomore this year and they will be moving on with their lives shortly. Does anyone have some ideas or places to recommend/share??
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    Probably the best thing you did in planning this trip was to choose late August rather than early or mid August. From roughly August 3rd to the 13th there will be thousands of motorcycles and motorcyclists descending on Sturgis SD, near Rapid City, for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Restaurants, motels, and tourist sites will be jammed. By moving your vacation a bit later you can avoid all (or at least most) of that. Unfortunately, eight days is not nearly as long as you might think for an adventure of this magnitude. You're going to need a full five days just for the driving portion of a RoadTrip from Wisconsin to Yellowstone and back, so you simply won't have time to see "all that Yellowstone has to offer" let alone making numerous stops along the way.

    So, choices must be made. Is the trip going to be about seeing Yellowstone or seeing dinosaurs and ghosts? You simply don't have time for both on a large scale. What I would suggest is that you take I-94 westbound out of Wisconsin and hit Makoshika State Park and Dinosaur Museum in Glendive MT. Note that there is also a Creationist Dinosaur Museum in Glendive. Most of the purported Bigfoot sightings in Montana are north and west of Yellowstone, well up into the Bitterroot Mountains, and so out of the range of this trip. And ghost sightings are, by definition, ephemeral, so you really can't plan them into your trip.

    Then, after spending as much time as you can in Yellowstone, and leaving at least three and a half days for the return drive, head back east on I-90 through Rapid City, the Badlands, Wall and Mitchell to home.


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