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  1. Default Salt Lake City - Yellowstone - Tetons - Arches - Zion - Bryce - 2 Aussies, 4 weeks?


    As subject alludes, my girlfriend and I will be renting a car in SLC, and want to visit the five NP's above in a 4 week period. We have a tent and stove, and are keen to do some longer day hikes (up to 15 miles per day no problems), or some overnight hikes in to back country. If anyone could share whether or not we are trying to cover too much with the idea being having a reasonable amount of time in each park (with time for hiking lots!), and if it is reasonable, any advice on great campsites or trails would be much appreciated!

    As an aside, a big thanks to the forum, we just completed a 3 week run along the East Coast and got some great tips!


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    Default [More] National Parks.

    Hello and welcome back.

    With 4 weeks available you can travel at a relaxed pace and have plenty of time for hiking,

    As for camping, well you can't beat being in the heart of the National Parks using their campgrounds. If the trip is coming up soon [this summer ?] you may have difficulty in finding available sites, but most parks have 'First come-First served' camping and if you arrive early in the day should be able to reserve one of these. I would recommend booking where possible, unless you want to keep things 'open ended' for your trip.

    There are many great hiking trails in the NP's and the Park Rangers are always happy to chat to you about their personal favourites and advise you on distances and levels of difficulty based on what you are looking for. You will also be given information leaflets at the entry kiosks. To get a 'head start' and locate campgrounds etc go to and use the 'Find a park' link and you will get all the info by selecting the relevant parks.

    As you are visiting 4 major parks it would be worth purchaisng the annual pass for $80 as it will save you a little money over individual fees and give you access to all NP's and Federal lands for one year. Handy as well if you are planning to re-visit within 12 months, or you decide to visit more parks this trip. Canyonlands 'Islands in the Sky' district is close to Arches and well worth a visit and if you take Utah scenic Byway 12 to Bryce canyon [recommended] you will pass Capital Reef NP between Hanksville and Torrey on UT24. And then of course we mustn't forget the North rim of the Grand canyon NP, you could easily take time to visit it between Bryce and Zion. It's quieter than the south rim and great for hiking !

    You could actually drive your route in 3.5 days so you have plenty of time available. There are many places in between to visit and break your journeys, such as Flaming Gorge Res. between the Tetons and Arches, if you wanted to take a more leisurely pace away from Interstate that is.

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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks very much for the reply and information.

    We are going this summer, we will fly in to Salt Lake City on the 20th August and have until the 15th September when we fly out to Canada.

    We are thinking probably better to do Yellowstone/Tetons first, and then Utah due to weather? Good thinking, or would it be better to reverse to avoid the tail end of summer vacation in Yellowstone? We found camping to be no problem in the Great Smoky Mountains in July, as all campsites in the park had first come first served spots, and there were plenty available!

    We will definitely get the pass for the parks, will be a lot cheaper, thanks for the tip.

    Any other stretches of road that we should not miss like the scenic byway you mentioned?

    Thanks again,


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    Default Two Suggestions

    Timing really shouldn't be critical to you travels as far as weather goes. All of the southern Utah national parks are at significant elevation, and so don't see broiling temperatures even in August. Besides, those red-rock parks should be seen at sunrise and sunset when the color and lighting is the best. On the other hand, Yellowstone is best seen, in my opinion, in the early fall - after the summer crowds have gone home but before the really cold weather sets in. I think putting Yellowstone at the end of your trip makes the most sense, but the final choice is up to you of course. As for a scenic road between those two areas with things to see along it, check out US-89.

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    Hi Buck,

    Your tips for our east coast adventure were spot on, thanks for pointing us on a great trip! So we will absolutely follow your advice and do Utah first, and then Yellowstone in September, hopefully we will have the whole park to ourselves :)

    US-89 sounds exactly what we are after, we are keen to see a rodeo too, I know Cody has them on, are there any other small towns in the area we will be in that may be less touristed with rodeos? Any other small towns that should be visited whilst we hike ourselves silly in the parks?



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    Default Rodeos and Small Towns

    You can find schedules for sanctioned rodeos at these sites for Utah and Wyoming. There may be smaller local events; just keep your eyes and ears open and the radio on the AM dial.

    Particular small towns? I enjoyed St. George, Utah and the tour of both Brigham Young's home and the local Mormon Temple. But they do admittedly present a somewhat skewed view of history. Otherwise this area is really about the natural scenery, not the man-made 'improvements'.


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