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    Hi All

    My wife and 2 kids are flying into New York from Australia in mid September and fly out of New York in early October. We have short listed the following places to vist but are open to ideas:

    Washington, Philadelphia, Boston and Niagara Falls (The Canadian side).

    We are not great road trippers as both kids get car sick but are willing to spend some time on road. Other options are train and or planes or a mix of all. I am also told that not many car rental companies let you take their cars over to the Canadian border.

    Given the places we want to see and the geographic location of these places, can anyone suggest a way I can do this without too much long haul driving but will be a bit of everything?

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

    Thanks and Regards

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    Amtrak may be an option. They have a (relatively) high speed train line (Acela Express) from Washington to Boston, going through Philadelphia and New York. There are also trains between NYC and Buffalo and Boston and Buffalo.

    You should not have a problem finding a rental car in Buffalo (or anywhere else in the Northeast) that can go into Canada. For the other cities a car can actually be a liability due to congestion and scarcity of parking, public transportation is pretty decent. If you wanted to get out of the city to see some things in the countryside you could rent a car.

    If you decide to do part or all by car, here are approximate drive times between the cities with no significant traffic delays:

    Washington - Philadelphia: 2.5 hours
    Philadelphia - NYC: 2 hours
    NYC - Boston: 4 hours
    Any of those 4 - Buffalo: 7 hours

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    Thanks for the reply.
    We have actually decided to drive the entire way now. So here is the route. New York -> Philadelphia -> Washington -> Pennsylvania -> Niagara Falls (The Canadian side) -> New York.

    It will take about 10 days so any suggestions welcome on any tips we should be thinking of.
    Thanks again.

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