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    Hello out there!! :) I just found this forum and hope you can help!

    We leave tomorrow to fly to Denver to visit my brother and then drive to Bozeman. We will be driving Saturday and Sunday and can arrive in Bozeman either late Sunday or early Monday.

    My traveling companions are my two sons ages 3 and 4. So, the advice I need for this journey is for the little ones. What route do you suggest we drive and what sites/stops should we make? A hike needs to be included (at least one), cool BOY action stuff (I was thinking to accomplish as many Junior Ranger Programs as possible but don't know much about that). What else? I know it is quick so even just a few "sites" a day will suffice.

    The boys are staying with family for a few weeks and I will be driving alone back to Denver in a 36 hour timeframe the next weekend. So, I assume I should take a different route back.

    Thanks for your help!! There is too much for me to decide from and no time to really dig in for the best options.

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    It's 700 miles from Denver to Bozeman, so even a "few" sites a day to stop and see will be pushing it. When you talk about Junior Ranger programs, those are done at national parks.

    I'd suggest that you dedicate one day to doing things and the other day to simply make time. There are 2 major national parks between Denver and Bozeman - Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone/Grand Tetons. Pick ONE. If you go to RMNP, you need to make it out to at least Cheyenne or Rawlins in order to make it to Bozeman the next day. If you decide to go to Yellowstone, you can make it to Jackson the first day.

    Route to and out of RMNP - take I-25 north to Loveland, then US-34 to Estes Park. You can retrace your steps back to I-25 to get to Cheyenne, or if you go over the top on Trail Ridge Road, take US-34 to Granby, then US-40 to Craig, and CO-13/WY-789 to I-80 to Rawlins. From Cheyenne, take I-25/I-90 to Bozeman. From Rawlins, take US-287/WY-220 to Casper to pick up I-25.

    To go directly to Jackson to see Yellowstone, take I-25 to Cheyenne, I-80 to Rock Springs, then US-191/US-189. To Bozeman, you can take either the west or north exit from the park.

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    Default On the Other Hand

    I've traveled a bit with my two grandsons when they were close to the ages of your two boys and what I found was that they are much more appreciative of a few smaller venues each day rather than one major site. So the question is, are there enough such sites between Denver and Bozeman?

    Certainly Rocky Mountain Park is one, and fortunately there are two Visitors Centers (Beaver Meadows and Moraine Park) near the eastern entrance close to Estes Park where the boys can get a feel for the park without spending all day there. Also Estes Park is the location of the Stanley Hotel which served as the inspiration for 'The Shining'. Heading up I-25 from there, there's the Wyoming Pioneer Museum in Douglas, and the Fort Casper Museum in Casper. Kaycee WY would be roughly the halfway point and is near the infamous Hole in the Wall.

    On your second day, still following I-25/I-90 to minimize driving time, there's Fort Phil Kearny Historic Site in Sheridan WY, the not-to-be-missed
    Little Bighorn Battlefield
    at Garryowen MT, and Greycliff Prairie Dog Town State Park near Greycliff.

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    Thank you so much!! I think we will do RMNP and head that way. We have been to Yellowstone a few times. Never seeing all of it but I think that will be the best route for this trip! Thanks for the suggestions.
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