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  1. Default Help please - need route grand canyon to seattle minimum hill climbing

    Can someone please help me urgently. I came from Seattle to Grand Canyon driving a V6 Toyota Landcruiser pulling a trailer and had great difficulty climbing hills - overheating and very slowly. I came on I5, I84, I90 thru Salt Lake City, Boise and Yakima.

    I need an alternate route back that takes me 4 days that will allow me the minimum hill climbing. Help is much appreciated.

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    Default Find the problem.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I can't help with the 'best' route for what you are asking, but if your struggling with overheating problems on Interstate climbs and your trailer isn't beyond the specified towing limits of your vehicle you might have another problem. Has your vehicle been serviced regularly and it's fluids changed ? You could have a blocked rad or a problem with the cooling fan. I would get the vehicle checked out before setting out and trying to avoid climbs, Interstates are built with the biggest of rigs in mind and even though it's normal to slow when laden, your engine shouldn't be 'cooking', although it wouldn't be unusual for the temp gauge to go up a bit above 'normal'. You won't get home without seeing mountains.

    I guess what I am saying is that you should try and find the problem and not drive around it.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You might have better luck going to California and then up, using I-40, CA-58, and I-5. Your two main mountain areas would be on CA-58 east of Bakersfield, and then I-5 in Northern California and Oregon. The highest point along those routes after leaving Arizona (where you are already at 7,000 feet) will be 4,300 feet, although it is a rather long grade going up the mountains in Northern California.

    Having said that, going slow is not necessarily a big problem, but if your vehicle is overheating, I would strongly suggest you get your vehicle looked at by a mechanic before you get back on the road. Unless you've got another issue - like having a trailer that is overloading the truck's towing capacity - you shouldn't be overheating on interstate grades.

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