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    First of all forgive me for occasional typos or misspellings. A Danish 19-yearold’s vocabulary isn’t the greatest.
    Anyway I’m planning a road trip with my farther either for the summer of 2014 or autumn 2014 (yes, I know I’m out early but I really want to weigh all of my options before deciding on anything). If we decide on summer we’ll have 21 days to travel, and if we choose autumn we have 15-16 days.
    If we go in the summer I want to drive from New Orleans to New York (and maybe make a pit stop in Miami, but I don’t know because I don’t want to spend my entire vacation in the car.) And if we go in autumn I was thinking that we’d drive from Miami to New Orleans and then fly to New York and spend a few days there.
    And if we go in autumn I think we’re going to start in Miami, drive to New Orleans and stay there for a few days, then fly to New York and rent a car there to drive up to Canton and back again. Then spend a few days in NYC before heading home.
    So I’m looking for advice on which route to take and/or what places that’s worth a visit. And I have absolutely nothing in mind at the moment so I’m open for any suggestions. The only place I know we must visit is Canton, Ohio to see the NFL Hall of Fame. But other than that we are looking for a trip that includes a lot of “corky places” (if you can put it that way). I would like to avoid too much interstate driving seeing as I want to explore as many cities (big or small) as possible. I like to see the “non-touristy” things, so driving around on small country roads won’t be a problem at all. I don’t really have any particular interest as to sightseeing, I just want to consume as much authentic lifestyle as possible. Having said that I should also mention that neither of us are the biggest museum enthusiast.
    So all suggestions are welcome since, as you can probably read from my thread, that I’m a bit clueless at the moment.

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    Just to clarify - you will be with your father? You will not be allowed to rent a car or drive a rental car until you are 21 years old.

    Whatever you decide to do, I'd advise you to keep one rental car for the whole trip, no need to keep turning them in and flying from city to city.

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    Default Some Background Reading

    Velkommen! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As you note, your plans are much too scattershot at this point for us to offer you any specific advice. Rather, I think you should read through a number of other RoadTrippers questions and the answers they got to give you an idea of what's available on your journey, I'd start with these:

    Lists of 26 (or so) attractions in each state, from the obvious to the quirky.
    A southeastern RoadTrip
    A couple of routes up the eastern US

    The other thing you need to do, is to get yourself a good atlas of the US and start looking for roads other than the Interstates (generally marked by a red/white/blue shield symbol) and look instead for the US (b/w shields) and state (b/w ovals) highways and the parks, forests and sites that they connect.

    Once you have a better idea of where and when you'll be on the road we can be of much more help. And when you talk about "we/us" doing the driving, you need to be aware, that until you turn 21 you will not be allowed to drive a rental car in America, and until you turn 24 it will be very expensive.


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    glc and AZBuck:
    Thanks for your help so far. i'll try looking at some maps and see if i can figure out some pinpoints at least. And yes it will be my father who is driving, i can see that i didn't really clarify that.

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