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    Default Ottawa ON to Edmonton AB

    Adult female relocating permanently 2, 118 miles from home.

    First day of work in Edmonton is Tuesday August 6th, 2013.

    Own a 2003 Ford Ranger. I am seeking a cap for it locally. My intention and only real option is to sleep in truck for the entire trip. And very possibly until first pay check comes in.

    So easy to write about when still at home and resting comfortably at cafe.

    I am going to take my time, perhaps 5 or 6 days. Would like to know where all truck stops are on route.

    If i'm not able to locate a very reasonably prices truck cap, i'll have to pitch my tent. New challenge to consider. Much more of a challenge. But surely doable.

    Look forward to hearing supportive, encouraging replies.

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    Default Breaking into a cold sweat

    Hi Guys and Gals

    This is my second post in as many minutes. How and where do I locate safe clean areas to pitch a small tent while on highway between Ottawa and Edmonton?

    Is there a source to locate free wifi along the route?

    I'm gonna have to chill for a bit eh.

    Thank you

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Safe clean areas for small tents -- you have Provincial Parks all across Canada. We drove into some of them while on a Canadian trip, several times. They're beautiful and seem to have tent spots. That would be my first thought for you.

    I can't answer on the free wi-fi bit. Someone else may. I know most Starbucks seem to have free wi-fi here in the States.


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    Are you planning to stay in Canada for your whole trip? It looks like it is actually shorter to cut through the US, but I suspect it will be easier just to stay north of the border.

    If you want a safe place to pitch a tent, you have to look for campgrounds. Pulling off the side of the road anywhere and thinking you can just set up camp is asking for trouble. Canada does have some beautiful prov. parks right off the Trans-Canada.

    I'm a little curious about your plans to sleep in the truck, if this is a move, I would think you would be bringing quite a bit of stuff with you, which wouldn't leave a lot of room left for you to sleep. Even if you do, you might find a tent to be more comfortable after a long day on the road.

    In any case, if you want to know where all the truck stops will be, you'd need to pick up a directory book like The Truckers Friend.

    Wi-fi is often available free at fast food and coffee shops. Tim Hortons, for example, offers it at nearly all locations. Otherwise, librarys are often a good spot.

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    You may want to purchase a truck stop directory such as this. Among other things, it will tell you which ones have wifi. Here in the US, most McDonalds and Starbucks have free wifi. In Canada, it appears that some Tim Horton's have wifi, there is a locator on their website.

    The drive can be done in 5 days, that's not really taking your time though, you would be on the road for about 10 hours a day. The drive is 2135 miles, very little of which is on freeways. Overnights would be near:

    Thunder Bay

    EDIT: Michael was posting at the same time as me. I checked mileage and time, my software says the fastest route is through the US, crossing the border at Sarnia, then going through Chicago and back into Canada south of Winnipeg. However, this is almost 2500 miles and getting through/around Toronto, Chicago, and Minneapolis/St. Paul can be a traffic nightmare. Staying in Canada via Sudbury and Thunder Bay knocks off 350 miles and is 1 hour longer. There is no advantage at all crossing into the US at Sault St. Marie and going through Duluth instead of going through Thunder Bay other than the chance to get some less expensive gasoline, and there may be border delays.

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    I'm sitting here with a Good Sam atlas. (We've got 6 or 7 atlases in this house, of different types.) Good Sam atlases have both camping and Good Sam recommended RV parks marked.

    Near Sudbury is Windy Lake Provincial Park. It has camping available. The blurb says it's popular and that reservations are available -- might be a good idea.

    Just west of Thunder Bay (about 32 km) is Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, also with camping. There are several commercial parks in the area.

    The closest thing I can see to Kenora, is Whiteshell Provincial Park, just inside Manitoba. It might be 30 km or so north of Can-1.

    Near to Regina, there is Buffalo Pound Provincial Park. Once again, this is touted as a busy park, so it might be wise to get reservations. (The link goes to the reservation section.)

    Personally, I think I'd take the gentle meander of CAN-1 across Canada than deal with the traffic around Chicago, Minneapolis/St Paul.

    Oh -- we debated sleeping in the back of our truck during our trip last summer. We didn't for two reasons: ventilation, and STUFF. We were only traveling, not moving, but we had quite a bit of stuff in the back since we were transporting some things to my brother's and our daughter's. Even without that stuff, space would have been tough. Then, in the areas where the breeze would have been cool enough to enjoy the outdoor area, the cap didn't have decent air for actually "living" in it.


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