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    Default Where to go with wife and 2 year old baby from chicago????

    Hi everyone! You guys have always been very helpful, so I figured I'll try you guys out again. My wife and I are 34 and 32 years old and we have a 2 year old daughter. Last year, we took her to Wisconsin Dells and that didn't pan out too was too difficult for our daughter to play there in the pools and we ended up having to chase after her and trying to keep her from slipping and breaking her head open. So we are looking for a roadtrip where we wouldn't have to drive more than 4 hours away from Chicago.

    Here is what we DO NOT want to do: Of course, no Wisconsin Dells, we don't really hike or go camping, and we don't fish.

    Here is what we would like to do: We would like to be able to go swimming with our daughter, walk around town (maybe on the strip of a smaller downtown area,) we love food, we love scenic drives, something kid and adult friendly, and maybe a beach nearby. We want something fun and relaxing as well.

    We are wanting to start this trip sometime in the morning on a Friday and be back in Chicago sometime in the evening on a Sunday.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Default toddling

    I would actually say that when traveling with a Toddler, you really shouldn't put too much thought into what the child wants.

    What I mean by that is that a 1 or 2 year old is going to be just as happy, or perhaps even more happy, at a playground or a hotel or city pool with a shallow end where they can splash around, as they are at a big water park or other "kid-oriented" attraction that's as likely to overwhelm them as it is to be enjoyable for you or her. You can find simple things that little kids will enjoy pretty much everywhere. 4-5 years from now, Wisconsin Dells will be a much more enjoyable stop, when your girl can actually appreciate and enjoy all the things there are to do.

    As far as specific places, have you given any though to Milwaukee? Several nice beaches, there's some kind of event or festival every weekend in the summer, a great zoo, a couple childrens museum, lots of parks and gardens, and of course it is a city that knows how to eat. The Holland/Grand Rapids Michigan area could also be a place to consider, for many of the similar reasons.

    I do also have to note that you have asked this same basic question about a half dozen times in the 5 or so years since you first joined this forum. Interestingly, pretty much every time you tell us you don't want to go to the Dells, but you've rarely given any feedback on the many suggestions that have been offered in the past - so it makes it that much more difficult to know which of the many ideas that have been offered in the past have been interesting to you, and which, if any of those ideas you've already taken advantage of. In any case, I would again recommend that you once again revisit your several previous threads asking for help about trips from chicago.
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    Midwest Michael, I've mentioned not wanting to go to the Dells in two prior posts because I've been there plenty of times and I don't want anyone to waste their time suggesting it. And I have revisited my previous posts to look at the other suggestions, but I posted a new thread to see if there were any new ideas from anyone. I see no harm in it really. Besides, I don't see the issue if someone asks the same question 3 different ways on this site, or any other site for that matter, because it's a simple question. People have checked out many new places since the last time I posted anything, so I figured I would get some new ideas. You're right, in the fact that I've never given any feedback about my trips. It's only because I work like a dog (over 72 hours per week,) so please pardon me for not having the time to give my feedback. Although I will give a bit of feedback right now.
    We drove to Mackinac Island and I've gotta say, it wasn't particularly special to us. Very long drive, although we hugged the shoreline which made it better. We did visit the Maritime Museum which was cool. Also the Soo Locks boat tour was pretty cool. People are crazy about the fudge in Mackinac. We ate at a nice restaurant at the marina there. Would we go back? Probably not.
    I also drove from Las Vegas to Chicago, driving through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa. Utah and Colorado are STUNNING!!!!!!! I was driving along the Colorado River and it was simply gorgeous, really jaw droppingly beautiful. I can't wait to take a trip out that way. I drove straight from Vegas to Nebraska and spent the night in Omaha. That was a great road trip that I would highly advise anyone to take.
    And last but not least, we drove to Indianapolis, In. Gotta say, the ride to Indianapolis from Chicago was really boring, not much to see. When we got there, we did a bunch of bar hopping , had a couple of dinners, and made our way back home. We were just wanting a quick getaway, so it served it's purpose i suppose.
    And there you have it, a quick synopsis of my travels over the last couple of years.

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    Most cities' claims to fame don't include the scenic. Many of them, especially your Chicago, are full of good museums, zoos, etc. When I think of Indianapolis, though, I do think of the racetrack.

    How about a trip around Illinois? The state is full of history, from the Indian burial mounds, to Lincoln history (New Salem, his tomb, his home in Springfield), to the Capitol Bldg (old and new). Plus there is Old route 66 history (a museum in Pontiac). Ronald Reagan's boyhood home is in Dixon, and a museum about him in Eureka. (His presidential library is in Simi Valley, CA, however.)


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    Default Taking a trip from Chicago to South haven, Michigan. Any suggestions?

    I'm taking my wife and 2 year old daughter on a trip to South Haven, Michigan from Friday morning to Sunday night. From what I've checked out online, they have a nice downtown area, beaches, and they also have a place called Fideland Fun Park that has bumper boats, go karts, and they even have orchards to pick apples, cherries, plums, and peaches. They also have a winery. Seems like a good place to visit. Anyone know of a good place to stay close to the beach? Or anything else South Haven has to offer? Thanks in advance!

    Moderator Note: Please don't create multiple threads about the exact same trip.
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    Donna, I like your suggestion about the Indian burial grounds and Old Route 66. That will definitely be something for the future. Thank you!

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