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  1. Default Directon Pleasant Valley NY to Atlantic Beach NC

    Hi I am new to the site and looking for info on getting to NC. We would like to go Rt 81 to Rt 64 to 288 to 95 is this a good way to get where we are going? We will be leaving around 5 PM and would like to drive about 5 hours and then stay overnight, anyplaces to stay or not to stay.

    Thanks for any help

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    This seems to be a long way around to go to the coast- is there a reason you need to take I 81?

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    Welcome to RTA!

    It sounds to me like I-81/64/VA288/I-95 is a good way. You're "avoiding the noid" of heavy traffic on the 95 going around Baltimore/DC area, and seeing some pretty scenery while you're at it.

    Are you going to try to drive that 5 hours after a full days work? That's a tough thing to do, and you are taking the risk of being tired and being a danger to yourselves and others on the highway. If you're used to being up late and being active after work, though, it might be more doable. (My husband and I absolutely could not do this any more, though we used to. The advantages to being younger, I guess!)

    As far as staying overnight -- use your common sense. If you pull into a place and you don't like the look or the feel of it, leave and go elsewhere. It's the same sense you would use when venturing into a strange area closer to home.

    I would aim for staying in Scranton, or perhaps a little further south in Hazleton. It's roughly 170 miles to Hazleton, which is about 3 hours plus a stop for dinner. Exits 145 and 124 each have some choices. If you are planning to eat "on the go", you might go to Harrisburg (250 miles). Between there, there isn't a lot - there's a Hampton Inn at exit 100 (I-81), a Best Western and Day's Inn at exit 90 (I-81), and about 4 hotels at exit 80 (I-81). If it were me, I would be aiming for the things between Hazleton and Harrisburg, so that I am not exhausted when arriving. That way I still have some stamina for the following day's drive, which will be about 500 miles.


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    I hate traffic, I know 81 would be longer which I have been on, but never on 64 - 288


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    Thanks Donna

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    Have you thought of I87 to I287 in Jersey. Take that into I95 then you could take Rt 1 or 13 in Del. You are doubling your miles going the way you are going. We're also from Dutchess CTY NY. Also if you adjust your departure time you could avoid most of traffic and save yourself a hotel bill. We drive to Hilton Head SC 16 hr drive and leave at 3am. Miss much of the traffic hot spots. Just some food for thought.

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    Thanks for the info

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    Actually, the difference between taking 95 all the way down, and taking 81, is about 30 miles. However, in terms of time, there is probably NO difference. You'd end up in traffic around Washington DC and Baltimore, which would eat up time. Going around is a time saver in the long run. As for the gasoline, I'd rather use the extra fuel to go around "the longer way" than to burn it sitting in traffic!


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    Which Pleasant Valley? Dutchess or Tompkins county?

  10. Default didn't know there was 2

    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    Which Pleasant Valley? Dutchess or Tompkins county?
    Sorry for the confusion- wasn't aware there were 2 - automatically thought of the one closest to me.

    I'll but out.

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