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    I apologize to those who tried to answer my questions on my last thread. Other posters started arguing with each other, and my thread was closed before I got to comment or ask my other questions.

    Taking the advice from an earlier post I have decided to take I-40 instead of I-10 (cooler weather, prettier and I feel a little safer). Since I'm traveling on my own with my little dog I'm wondering if I should try to stay on the major interstates it Texas as long as they are not too far out of the way. I'm under the impression that a lot of the highways in TX go through small towns so you have to slow down and go through a few lights with each town you approach.

    Does anyone have advice about taking the 84? Are there a lot of stops to go through? I thought about staying on the I-40 to Amarillo then the I-27 South. There is a small section I would have to travel on the 84 then catch the I-20 to I-35 south to Temple. I know that adds some mileage, but it seems to me that the speed limit would be more consistant and save time. If I follow the route according to mapping websites I would catch the 84 outside of Albuquerque and stay on it most of the way except for a short time on the I-20.
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    I can't say I've driven all of US-84 in west Texas, but I've driven parts of it and I've driven enough similar roads in that neck of the woods to be able to assure you that you should not expect anything untoward on your drive from Santa Rosa NM to Temple TX via US-60/US-84/US-183. I would even suggest that you bypass Abilene by using TX-70/TX-153 from Sweetwater to Coleman. These roads aren't dirt tracks through the middle of nowhere. The US Highway System has been around for nearly 90 years now and were the backbone of the nation's roads for most of that. In many areas they are still the primary means of driving long distances, and west Texas is one of those areas. For the most part they will be extremely well maintained and will often have speed limits in the 70 mph range. The fact that you have to slow down occasionally for a small town should be taken as a chance to see some of the country, not as a nuisance.

    Mapping routines generally pick a route that is predicted to take the least amount of time to drive. Adding a lot of miles on roads with not that much higher speed limits is not going to save you time. Kick back and enjoy the 'old' roads.


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    Thanks for the advice. It's not that I find it a nuisance. I have to get to a new job and as much as I love to site see, I just won't have time. Plus I'm traveling alone. Those were my biggest issues. Abilene is where I'm packing it in for day 2 of the drive. I'll give the 84 a go.

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    Default Good call.

    Abilene is where I'm packing it in for day 2 of the drive.
    That's a sensible decision and one you won't regret. ;-)

    Have a safe journey.

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    My mapping software shows identical times within 2 minutes from ABQ to Temple on either route - via Amarillo or Lubbock. Going via Lubbock will keep you out of the DFW metroplex traffic.

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