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    My girlfriend lives in Puerto rico and has never been to the South. I live in Savannah. We want to take a week long road trip and I am trying to plan the route. Any suggestions on routes, places to visit etc? She loves the countryside and mountains but also likes learning new things and experiencing new things. I had originally planned a cabin getaway but she wants to take more in. Please help!!! Anyone please. :) Thanks for your time and input.

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    It took me a while to figure this out, and I'm still not sure I've got it anywhere near right, but men and women don't conjure up the same images when they think "romantic getaway". So the first thing I'd do is make sure that your girlfriend thinks that being in some backwoods cabin with limited facilities and limited access to shopping, decor, culture and civilization meets her definition of romantic. If not then there are several better options nearby. You are after all in the genteel south.

    Take a carriage ride through the streets of old town Charleston and/or visit one of the plantations along Ashley River Rd. Visit Congaree Swamp National Park and have it almost all to yourselves. Drive the scenic Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway through the small towns and foothills of the Appalachians. Return home through Augusta and along the Savannah River. Most importantly, ask her what she wants to do.


  3. Default Thanks for the input and maybe I should clarify :)

    I like some of the other posters I have been reading from am new to this forum and roadtriping w/ a significant other. I am just used to getting in the car and going from point A to point b, not worrying much about what was along the way. But now I am with someone who loves scenery and would love to experience the beauty of the south. AZBuck she likes nature and scenery. She loves the mountains and flowers and stuff like that. She wants some alone time in nature with me but also wouldn't mind exploring a city or two. I orig. had decided to reserve a cabin up around Ellijay and she loved the idea, but she wanted to encounter more than just there, like several places. Especially if we could find some great eating spots. If I can find a few places that can incorporate it all would be great. Thank you so much for your input AZBuck. If there is anything else you can add in addition to what you have already hinted for me, i'd greatly appreciate it. Anyone else with some input as well, i'd appreciate it too! :)
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    Default I'm with Buck on this issue

    A desire to see mountains, flowers, nature and scenery still doesn't exclude staying in a fancier, or at least more civilized lodging. A cabin in the woods might be perfect, but it would be wise to figure that out now!


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    The cabin I chose isn't like a moderate cabin. It's actually really nice, hot tub, Jacuzzi, pool table and other stuff. I aint trying to be no log man...not my style. Like I had already planned on one night in Charleston, one night in savannah, a night or two in Ellijay. Where else would be nice?

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