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    Default Historic Hudson Valley from Manhattan to Mohonk/New Paltz...most scenic route?

    Driving from Midtown Manhattan to the Mohonk Mountain House over July 4th weekend, I decided that it would be fun and interesting to take a historic tour of the Hudson Valley, stopping in Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown (Philipsburg Manor, Cemetery, Old Dutch Church, Lyndhurst, etc) then continuing along the George W. Perkins Memorial Drive to Bear Mountain Observatory and on to Goshen to the Historic Track and Harness Racing Museum, then Washingtonville to the Brotherhood Winery (oldest in America?) and continuing on to New Paltz and Historic Huguenot before winding up at towards Mohonk.

    HOWEVER... I was wondering if this is in fact the most scenic route compared to the Taconic Byway on the opposite side of the Hudson??

    I've mapped the following route and adjusted our directions via Google Maps, but would greatly appreciate some quick feedback on taking this drive versus the Taconic Bywy across the river?

    Here is the route that I was originally planning to take:

    - Exit 14 for I-95/George Washington Bridge towards Cross Bronx Expy/W 178 St
    - Keep left at fork to continue toward Interstate 95 Upper Level S/George Washington Bridge
    - Keep left at fork, follow signs for Interstate 95 Upper Level S/New Jersey/George Washington Bridge and merge onto Interstate 95 Upper Level S/George Washington Bridge
    - Take exit 74 toward Palisades Parkway
    - Merge onto Palisades Interstate Pkwy N
    - Take exit 4 toward US-9W N
    - Turn left onto US-9W N
    - Turn right onto S Broadway Ave
    - Turn right onto Main St
    - Head west on Main St toward S Broadway Ave
    - Take the 1st left onto S Broadway Ave
    - Turn right onto the ramp to Interstate 87/New York Thruway/Interstate 287
    - Merge onto I-287 E/I-87 S
    - Take exit 9 for US-9 toward Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow
    - Turn right onto U.S. 9 N/Broadway
    - Head south on U.S. 9 S/Broadway toward Hudson Terrace
    - Turn right onto N Main St
    - Head east on N Main St toward Broadway
    - Take the 1st right onto Broadway
    - Take the ramp onto I-287 W/I-87 N/Tappan Zee Bridge
    - Continue to follow I-287 W/I-87 N
    - Take exit 13N for Palisades Pkwy N toward Bear Mtn
    - Merge onto Palisades Interstate Pkwy N
    - Take exit 15 for Gate Hill Rd toward Stony Point
    - Turn left onto Co Road 106/Rte 210/Gate Hill Rd
    - Continue to follow Co Road 106/Rte 210
    - Turn left onto Co Rd 108/W Main St
    - Turn right onto W Main St
    - Turn left onto N Liberty Dr
    - Head south on N Liberty Dr toward W Main St
    - Take the 1st right onto W Main St
    - Turn left onto Co Rd 108/W Main St
    - Turn right onto Co Road 106/Rte 210/Central Dr
    - Continue to follow Co Road 106/Rte 210
    - Turn right to merge onto Palisades Interstate Pkwy N
    - Take exit 19 toward Perkins Memorial Dr/Bear Mountain Park
    - Merge onto Seven Lakes Drive
    - Head west on Seven Lakes Drive toward Appalachian Trail
    - Keep left at the fork and merge onto US-6 W
    - Take exit 18 for US-6 toward NY-17/I-87/Central Valley/Seven Lakes Dr
    - At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto US-6 W
    - Take the ramp onto US-6 W
    - Take the ramp onto NY-17 W/US-6 W
    - Take exit 130 for New York 208 S
    - Turn left onto NY-208 S
    - Continue onto Main St
    - Turn left onto Charlton Pl
    - Head west on Charlton Pl toward Main St
    - Turn right onto Main St
    - Continue onto NY-208 N
    - Merge onto NY-17 W/US-6 W via the ramp to Chester
    - Take exit 125 for New York 17M E toward South St
    - Turn left onto Chester Ave
    - Turn right onto South St
    - Turn left onto S Church St
    - Take the 2nd right onto Park Pl
    - Head north on Park Pl toward Main St
    - Slight right onto Main St
    - Turn right onto Sarah Wells Trail
    - Keep left to stay on Sarah Wells Trail
    - Continue onto NY-208 S
    - Turn left onto W Main St
    - Head east on W Main St toward North St
    - Take the 1st left onto North St
    - Continue onto Toleman Rd
    - Turn right onto NY-207 E/Little Britain Rd
    - Take the 1st left onto NY-747 N/Drury Ln
    - Take the Interstate 84 E ramp to Interstate 87
    - Merge onto I-84 E
    - Take exit 7A for New York State Thruway N toward Albany
    - Merge onto I-87 N/New York State Thruway
    - Take exit 18 for NY-299 toward New Paltz/Poughkeepsie
    - Keep left at the fork, follow signs for New York 299 W
    - Turn left onto NY-299 W/Main St
    - Head southwest on Main St toward N Chestnut St
    - Continue onto NY-299 W/New Paltz-Minnewaska Rd
    - Turn right onto County Rd 7/Springtown Rd
    - Slight left onto Co Rd 6/Mountain Rest Rd
    - Continue to follow Co Rd 6
    - Turn left onto Garden Rd
    - Turn right onto Huguenot Dr

    I'd greatly appreciate any feedback... I want to chose the most scenic drive. It's a one-way trip btw (in case anyone suggest the Taconic coming back) because we'll be flying out of SWF a few days later.

    Thanks to one and all who take the time to offer their thoughts!
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    Default Wherever I am.

    Hi, and welcome to The Great American RoadTrip forum!

    Detailed instructions like that, which are taken from a computer program, and not specifically chosen by you, are beyond my ken.

    By far the best way to work out which roads you would like to travel is to get hold of some great paper maps, such as those provided by AAA (free to members), and pick the scenic routes for yourself. Pick which ones are most to your liking. They are all marked on the maps, as are most of the historic sites.

    Having driven both sides of the Hudson, though some years ago, I really do not recall which was greater than the other. That said, I make a habit of enjoying wherever I am. Every drive has more plusses than minuses. Furthermore, that which I deem to be a great drive may not be to your liking. We all have our own ideas of what is a great route.

    Perhaps this article will give you some insight to what I mean.


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    Default Sensory Overload

    I agree with Donna: Nobody is going to read dozens of lines of computer-generated turn-by-turn instructions to figure out your route. I doubt that even you read them. And they don't really matter. It's not that a historic site has to be in the 300 block of 1st Street in order for you to see it. Here's what you need to concentrate on at this point in your planning:

    Slightly less than half your total drive will be spent just clearing the New York Metropolitan area. Given your destination and interests, the Palisades Parkway is probably you best bet and it's simple enough to get on that from the George Washington Bridge. Or, as you have indicated in your plans, take the Thruway or Saw Mill Parkway up to Tarrytown and then cross over on the Tappan Zee Bridge (before it falls down).

    North of Bear Mountain, US-9W hugs the Hudson for the rest of the drive up to New Paltz and passes such historic sites as West Point and the New Windsor Cantonment.


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    Thank you both for your feedback, however the point was not for anyone to evaluate every turn-by-turn; I would not expect that at all. I was simply looking for feedback on the following route: NYACK -- SLEEPY HOLLOW -- TARRYTOWN -- STONY POINT -- BEAR MOUNTAIN -- MONROE -- GOSHEN -- WASHINGTONVILLE -- NEW PALTZ versus taking the Taconic Byway the entire length of the opposite side of the Hudson instead.

    The turn-by-turn directions were copied and pasted from a notepad file which I mapped out for my own navigation, and yes I have read through them myself as I specifically tailored them to our drive. I was really just hoping to get thoughts and feedback on the overall route from Nyack to Stony Point (crossing the Hudson into Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown) and then up through the Bear Mountain pass versus driving the entire route along the Taconic Bwy alongside the Hudson. I haven't done this drive in years and don't recall which offers the more scenic drive. I'm less familiar with the Bear Mountain passage.

    Anyhow, if anyone has been up through Bear Mountain or driven the Taconic recently (or just knows the routes well) I'd greatly appreciate your input.

    Thanks so much!

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    Going up to Monticello is not the Hudson Valley. You are crossing the Hudson River too many times. Work one side going up the other side going down.

    Now you want to take Pallisades Pkwy N to Bear Mt. Being you are going short distances you can look at taking the old roads.

    So take US 6 from Bear Mt to NY 17k which is old 17. You get to see NY this way to Goshen, Monticello.

    Then hop onto NY 17 north to take 55 NY east to Mohonk or NY 17 south to US 209 to NY 55.

    You then can take an afternoon ride from Mohonk on US 9W.

    Then on the return home take US 9 south to Sleepy Hollow. US 9 has many things to see. FDR's home, Rhinebeck Aerodrome, CIA. To just name a few. Taconic Pkwy is ok but you only get to see trees.

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    Thanks 32vld,

    I'd tend to agree with you, however as mentioned earlier, we won't be coming back as we're flying into NYC and then flying out of Albany. After the Mohonk, we're spending a few days with family around Great Barrington, MA.

    I appreciate your thoughts on the Taconic though;you've reaffirmed that the current route would indeed be the best to take... though perhaps not the most direct with our stops across the Hudson. My wife has lived in New York for several years although she's never been through these neck of the woods, so I don't mind the slight inconvience and diversion. It'll probably only add an extra 45 mins. to an hour at most to our trip.

    Thanks for your help!!

    PS - We'll be stopping in Rondout, Rhinebeck, etc. on the way up North to Mass.

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