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  1. Default I80 or I70 Denver, CO to Erie, PA

    Between I80 and I70 which one is the faster/easier drive between Denver, CO to Erie, PA? We will be traveling late June.


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    Default Faster, Easier, Cheaper

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    Pick two. Unfortunately, you can't have all three.

    Personally, I'd go with I-70. While the I-80 route is about 75 miles shorter and thus (presumably) an hour or so faster, the I-70 route avoids the traffic of Chicago. Yes, I-70 goes through Kansas City, St. Louis, and Indianapolis, but I have never found any of those cities to be as bad as trying to get around or through Chicago. The deciding factors though, are really the cost of tolls for I-80 through Illinois, Indiana, and Cleveland, a total of around $20 (less if you have E-ZPass); the time spent sitting in line at the toll booths for the privilege of paying those tolls; and the higher cost of fuel and other services on the toll roads.


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    My husband, an ex-commercial driver says, "I-70....hands down!" For the same reasons that AZBuck just suggested.


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    Best way from I-70 to Erie is I-71/I-271/I-90. The only toll along this route are in KS between Topeka and KC, I think it's $2.75.

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    Thank you for the help, I70 it is!

  6. Default How was I-70 for road work?

    Quote Originally Posted by rjwassink67 View Post
    Thank you for the help, I70 it is!
    How was the road work on I-70? I've driven both 70 and 80 many many times, and know their advantages. But two summers ago, we took 70, and found road work every 30 miles for most of the midwest. Anyone know what the construction is like on 70 or 80 right now, July 2013?

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    Default Link.

    Hi CC Driver and welcome to RTA !

    You can get all road reports from the RTA ' one stop highway conditions' thread here.
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