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  1. Default From LA California to Barringer crater Arizona by driving

    I plan to start out by driving from LA California to Barringer crater Arizona, and need help for the questions below:
    1.) Do I need to go to Las Vegas or Phoenix first?
    2.) Any routes to Barringer crater directly from LA?
    3.) Under the reasonable and safety speed, can complete the trip in 12 hours?
    4.) How about the temperature in the vast desert area?

    A guy need your help from Hong Kong.



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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The Direct route from Los Angeles to Meteor Crater in Arizona doesn't go through either Vegas or Phoenix.

    You'd want to use I-15 to I-40. The trip is about 500 miles, which means you could do the trip in as little as 9 hours, and doing it in less than 12 shouldn't be a problem.

    Yes, it will likely be very hot, temperatures will likely be above 100F as you drive across California (assuming this is a summer trip). However, it will be cooler as you get up higher in elevation as you travel through Arizona.

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    Thanks Michael, it's now I'm getting more about the I-15 and I-40 in the GoogleEarth, thank you once again!

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    My husband and I are very versed in the I-15/I-40 trip between LA and Meteor Crater. It's a trip that he used to do once a week (as a commercial driver) and we have done together several times.

    As you go north on I-15, you'll be in heavy traffic for awhile, depending of course on what time of day you leave LA. (Try not to do this on a Friday.) You'll have to go over Cajon Pass. At the top of the Pass is Summit Inn, which has been around for many many years -- over 60, I believe. When 395 heads off into eastern California, you'll lose some traffic.

    The next major point is Barstow, which is where you'll pick up I-40. Look at your fuel tank, because the next less-expensive fuel isn't until Kingman. Usually we find the most competitive fuel prices in Barstow where all the truck stops are, at Lenwood exit #178. There's also a medium sized outlet center mall there, if you want to get out and stretch your legs a bit.

    Head east on I-40. BTW, you'll be on the desert here and, as mentioned above, it will be HOT in the middle of the summer. If you're renting a car in California, it will have A/C, but I'd test it before you take the car. Your terrain will be desert scrub, brush, cacti, dirt, and mountains that aren't particularly green (especially in the summer).

    Once in Arizona, you will start to climb in elevation, which on the interstates is usually a gradual climb. This climb will bring slightly cooler temperatures. You'll also have a major change in terrain, with evergreen trees, oak and other trees, and things will be greener.

    Good fuel stops would be in Kingman, Williams, or Flagstaff. If you have a smartphone, get the GasBuddy app so you can find reasonable fuel in any of those towns. There are also a variety of restaurants in all 3 of those.


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    Default Why?

    As a geologist who has had the privilege of actually getting down into the crater to do some field work, I have to ask why you have Barringer Crater as the destination of a RoadTrip from Los Angeles. Yes, it's one of the freshest impact craters on Earth and it's historic for its role in convincing scientists that impacts are (still) a geologic force to be reckoned with, but at the end of the day it is just a hole in the ground. The general public is not allowed beyond the center on the crater's rim, and there are many other more scenic and geologically significant features in the same area. While it's certainly worth a side trip off nearby I-40, I'm curious as to why you've set it as the goal for this RoadTrip.


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    Donna, your info. quite practical, I will keep it in mind for reference, thanks!

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    AZBuck, thanks for the tip about the pit center is not open for the public, of course I am not a geologist, just a common guy. The reason about why I want to the meteor crater, because I will come to LA to visit my friends for a month, and they will let me to drive their vehicles to take my own plan, and I also visited some scenic like Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon by local tour in decades ago, so this time I want to take bit of adventure with my wife by driving there, maybe overnight in Flagstaff then back to LA. Yes, it is just a huged hole in the ground, but life is short, do something we want and we can before the sunset will not regret.

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    I think Buck's point is much more that there really isn't much you can see or do at the Crater, so why is that the thing you want to do/see? Out of all the things you can see and do on a roadtrip from LA, what made you decide that a big hole is the one thing you want to focus on?

    If you have your heart set on seeing the Crater, then go for it, as we often say, Roadtrips are about doing what you want. But if I was traveling from Hong Kong and could take a trip based out of LA, there are so many things that would go higher on my list. Have you considered doing a trip along the California Coast, up into the Sierras to see Yosemite and/or the Sequoias, exploring the Desert at Death Valley or Joshua Tree, Up into Utah for places like Zion and Bryce Canyon, or even revisiting the Grand Canyon. I think you'd find any of these places would be more enjoyable and interesting as short roadtrip, but that's ultimately your decision to make.

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    Hi, Michael, if someone ask me about what make you to go to Grand Canyon? The simple answer is that is a natural place with significant scene. But in the other hand, there's exactly is a huged and long crack and Colorado River sit in there. okay, then how about Yosemite? well, it just a big and smooth rock hanging around at the top, that's all, so! Meteor Crater is a huged pit in the desert, there's nothing more as I know, I think the point is something like Nike says: Just do it! And one more thing, this is the practical trip for my another plan in 2014, to Tibet! A round trip, round trip in average altitude 4,000 to 5,000m you know, it will not an easy thing. By the way, there's so many places worth to explore in Pacific Coast. Yosemite, Hearst Castle had been visited. Yes, you're right, Death Valley is the place should be on the list, just let see. Utah is quite far for me, you know I'm not a local American like you, bit of risks by road trip. And forgive about my perfect chinese english here, hahaha ... have a good day, Michael!

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    Utah is quite far for me, you know I'm not a local American like you, bit of risks by road trip.
    FWIW, Zion National Park in Utah is actually 100 miles closer to Los Angeles than Meteor Crater.

    I'm not quite sure how visiting the Crater vs going to any of the other places would have any impact on your Tibet trip, but I guess that doesn't really matter either.

    I think your descriptions of Grand Canyon and Yosemite don't even come close to saying what they are, even in simple terms. I understand your point, but if that was all you got out of either place, I'd feel a bit sorry for you. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with visiting Meteor Crater, we just want to make sure you are building your trip around accurate information. If you have the information and that's still your ideal trip, fantastic! Best wishes on your travels.

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