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    We are planning a trip to Yellowstone from Minnesota. We have 3 small children. Any tips for good places to stay and what attractions to not miss? Also, good places to stay on the way? Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Generally, with Children

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are a few relatively standard recommendations with children on a RoadTrip. Probably the most important both for their fun and the parents' sanity is to stop occasionally to let them get out and run around, scream, and otherwise blow off steam, as well as to give the adults a break. Another is if you're going to a national park, make full use of the park rangers who will know exactly what their park has to offer to kids of all ages, and be sure to sign all of them up for the Junior Ranger program which includes activities and great (free!) souvenirs. Finally, think about spreading your time out a bit. If you're going to be going out via I-90, then you'll be driving within easy visiting distance of Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore, Wind and Jewel Caves, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Devils Tower, Little Bighorn National Battlefield, and a number of other great sites.

    For some more philosophical musings on traveling with children, check out Are We There Yet?.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    If your children are school-aged, consider asking them not to ask "Are we there yet?" Our children, as they grew up, were not allowed to ask that question or "how much farther?" At the beginning of each day, we told them how many miles we were planning to drive that day. They were allowed to ask "How far have we gone today?" THEY had to do the math and figure out "how much farther".

    Another thing we did, as ours got older, was to hand them a map. One daughter got very proficient at reading a map very early on.

    If yours aren't school aged yet, then keep this info for a trip when they're older. :-) ("Small children" can be a relative term.)


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    Based on your location, I-94 will probably be a bit faster, and there are still lots of great attractions along that route too. Teddy Roosevelt NP being my favorite.

    Of course, I'd recommend doing a loop so you go one direction through ND and the other through SD.

    How much time do you have for your trip?

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    Default Stops along the way to Yellowstone

    Quote Originally Posted by Julesb44 View Post
    We are planning a trip to Yellowstone from Minnesota. We have 3 small children. Any tips for good places to stay and what attractions to not miss? Also, good places to stay on the way? Thanks for any advice.
    I have no idea if you've already made this trip or are planning for next summer 2014 but I have some suggestions for stops with kids. All are along I-90 thru South Dakota.

    Porter Sculpture Garden,
    1880 Town (costume rental is really cheap),
    Badlands Petrified Gardens,
    Prairie Homestead,
    Badlands NP scenic drive
    Wall Drug,
    Reptile Gardens,

    In WY are Devils Tower & Little Big Horn Battlefield
    If you have time to visit Cody, WY you need to stop at the Buffalo Bill Cody Museums,

    Following I-94 thru North Dakota you'll find a few things too.
    Jamestown ND has the worlds largest buffalo statue within Frontier Village,
    Teddy Roosevelt NP southern unit

    In MT along I-94 is Pompey's Pillar NM complete with William Clark's (of Louis & Clark fame) signature on the rock,

    In MT along I-90 is Pictograph Cave State Park, It's a bit off the beaten path but a very nice place to get an idea of how the first people lived eons ago.

    These are all places I've actually been to and was impressed with them all. Some are your typical tourist traps, but all have something different to offer.
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